Jyväskylä will continue its public meetings over coffee between residents, officeholders and municipal decision-makers. In autumn 2019 elected representatives and officials of the City of Jyväskylä will visit on 4 September in Korpilahti , on 18 September in Palokka on 9 October in Tikkakoski and on 6 November in Kuokkala.

More information:

Ms Meri Lumela, Chair of the Board, City of Jyväskylä, phone +358 50 554 7167

Ms Hanna Tenhunen, Residents' contact person, phone + 358 14 266 7270

Memos of the meetings can be found at www.jyvaskyla.fi/osallistu/illat (in Finnish)

Public evening meetings over coffee between residents, officeholders and municipal decision-makers

Discussion meetings between residents, officers and municipal decision-makers have been organized since 2018 in diffrent parts of the city. Topics of the discussion have varied from sport facilities to safety and to use of premises having some 20-60 participants in each meetings.

  Public evening meetings in autumn 2019 on Wednesdays at 18-20:

  • 4.9. Korpilahti, Korpilahti daycare centre (Kirkkolahdentie 2)
  • 18.9. Palokka-Puuppola, Savulahti daycare and school (Savulahdentie 1)
  • 9.10. Tikkakoski-Nyrölä, Tikkakoski school  (Koulukatu 10)
  • 6.11. Kuokkala, Kuokkala school (Liitukuja 4)