This autumn 1480 first grades will start their school work, 1550 students will begin their 7th grade.

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Service Director Mr. Sami Lahti, Basic Education, phone +358 14 266 4985 
Service Director Ms. Tuija Rasinen, Basic Education, phone +358 14 266 4984 
Service Manager Ms. Pia Bärlund, Basic Education, native language teaching, phone +358 014 266 4889 

All classes 1-9 are now studying according to the Finland's new core curriculum. The new plan places more emphasis on broad-based competencies such as developing thinking skills and good learning habits. The new thing for the 9th graders will be changes in the subject-based assessment system.

The biggest change in basic education this year will be that foreign language instruction will start earlier. This autumn foreign language teaching will begin in first grade for all Jyväskylä schoolchildren. In Jyväskylä schools the chosen A1-language is English.

The learning of a voluntary language, an A2-language, will begin in 4th grade, and Swedish as the B1- language begins from the 6th grade. Jyväskylä has offered early language teaching ’language showering’ already for ten years in pre-school as well as in summer-school activities.

Teaching in two languages following the CLIL-method (Content and Language Integrated Learning) will be offered this year also in the Kuokkala svenska skolan, Mankola, Jyskä, Vaajakoski, Lohikoski, Keljonkangas and Tikka schools.