Visit Jyväskylä's focus on tourism marketing to France continued on Fri-Sat 28-29.6., when a group of French journalists arrived to the Jyväskylä region. The tour was a part of Visit Finland's actions this year to promote the reputation of the Finnish Lakeland areas in France. In addition to visiting the Jyväskylä region, the journalists also visited the Lahti region and Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

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Naturally sustainable Jyväskylä region

During the media tour, the French journalists were familiarized with companies that represent sustainable tourism.

- In the Jyväskylä region, the tour started from Joutsa, Café Meijerinliiteri, which is an excellent example of a representative promoting cultural sustainability and responsibility, says tourism coordinator Johanna Maasola.

- Visit Finland wished for sites in the program that would represent the Finnish way of life, so it was a great that such a gem of local culture can be found in our new co-operation municipality, Joutsa, Maasola continues.

Sustainable and responsible tourism at its best also includes hiking in Laukaa, Hyyppäänvuori, where the journalists could see the beautiful Finnish Lakeland landscape. From here, the journey continued to Revontuli in Hankasalmi, where guests could experience sauna traditions. During the second visiting day, the guests headed to Laukaa and the Perttula farm, where local culture and history have been brought together into the present-day. 

Alvar Aalto is part of local culture for the whole region

Alvar Aalto is a natural part of all exploration trips to the Jyväskylä region.

- Alvar Aalto's design represents something deeply Finnish, but at the same time it speaks extensively with international audiences as well. Aalto's architecture, which is heavily involved in the everyday life of the Jyväskylä region, is part of our common local culture; everyone has an opinion and personal experiences about it. Some have attended school at Jyväskylä’s normaalikoulu designed by Aalto or studied at Aalto campus, others are working or living in the buildings he designed, and quite many have swam in the swimming pool designed by Aalto, Maasola says.

The French media representatives also visited several Aalto sites on Saturday, such as the Alvar Aalto Museum and the Säynätsalo Municipal House. The media tour ended in one of the wonderful restaurants and hotels in the Jyväskylä region: the media representatives dined and stayed at the Pöllöwaari restaurant and Hotel Yöpuu, which combine the Finnish atmosphere with an international one.