New residents of Jyväskylä are offered social orientation into the Finnish society.

The course that is held in June is aimed specifically at Swahili speakers who have recently migrated to the country, but the course is also open for others who are interested. The course is conducted as expert lectures translated into Swahili.

The themes of the social orientation course include housing, financial affairs and everyday life, safe life in Finland, integration processes, new culture and well-being.

- New immigrants have been provided with orientation trainings throughout the whole time of integration services existence. A new type of social orientation was offered this spring to people in Arabic and Persian language, who had been in the country longer. Our clients were particularly interested in an event where the police visited to talk about safe life in Finland and another one, which dealt with raising children in the digital environment, says social worker Arja Liinamaa.

Social orientation course in Swahili language 12.6.-14.6. and 18.6.-20.6.2019

Events will be held from 12.6.-14.6. and 18.6.-20.6. at 13.15-15.15 at the Multicultural Center Gloria and at the Civic Center Matara, Matarankatu 6. There is no need to register in advance for the event.

The event is organized by the City of Jyväskylä and the Multicultural Center Gloria.

For more information:

Maarit Piruzdelan, Info Gloria Immigration Advisor Coordinator, Tel. +358 40 027 5163, Multicultural Center Gloria
Elina Hienola, Service Manager, Tel. +358 14 266 7648, Integration Services of the City of Jyväskylä
Arja Liinamaa, Social Worker, arja.liinamaa(at), Integration Services of the City of Jyväskylä