Lounaispuisto Summer offers a versatile program for the whole family to enjoy. There is a wide variety of events for different target groups from children to grandmothers.

More information:

Cultural producer Terho Valkonen, Cultural Services of the City of Jyväskylä, terho.valkonen(at)jkl.fi. Tel. 014 266 4045

The event ensemble is made up of alternately organized singalongs and dances, known as Lounalaulu, which includes both an interactive and a performance section. The events are organized by the Cultural Services of the city of Jyväskylä together with different partners.

The summer season will open at 5.6. at 18 o'clock in a cheerful country singing and dancing evening. Grainville Train band and Grainville Line Dancers will lead the audience to the world of line dancing with the familiar rhythms of Finnish country music and as a singalong, suitable for the theme, is Aaveratsastajat ja Lännen tie.

Niko Saloheimo's Energia-band and Konsta Niskavaara & Danger bros-band will alternate in leading the Lounalaulut. Both bands are made up of youthful, long-line music professionals. The singalong songs have been selected according to summer themes and timeless tunes, which you can sing alone or with a friend, regardless of singing skills.

Park Dances (Puistotanssit) are set to start with the Midsummer Dances, led by Lotta Terava and Eetu Laitinen. During the summer, dance artist Terhi Kuokkanen and Central Finland Dance Center’s city dancer, Taru Miettinen, will also perform in the Lounaispuisto Park. Additionally, Saga Elgland’s and Visa Niemelä's ballerina and acrobat characters will be adventuring at the Children's Lysti opening event. You can participate in the dance evenings easily with a low threshold, but you can also just arrive to watch and listen to the performances. The park dances are organized in cooperation with the Central Finland Dance Center.

Picnics and programme for the whole family

At the beginning of June, families with children can enjoy a mini-festival called Nuts for Arts, where children who have participated in the Creative Music and Dance Camp will perform, and there are more fun things planned. The event will be performed in cooperation with the Finnish music campus. 

In July, people will pack their lunches and painting tools with them, and celebrate the nationwide Great Painting Event, organized by the Jyväskylä City Elderly Services and Cultural Services, Jyväskylä Artists' Association, Central Finland Comic Society, Artlo Oy, and Kehystämö Patina. The Lounaispuisto Park will be the main site of the event that is spread out to the whole center of Jyväskylä. 

The Children's Lysti opening ceremony is celebrated for the second time in the Lounaispuisto Park. In the Carnival of Toys held in August, children and families can enjoy the last festivity of the summer in the greenery of the park, while celebrating the beginning of the children’s cultural autumn.

The Lounaispuisto Summer program ends at the end of August in the long-awaited and anticipated movie picnic. In the fading evening, you can enjoy snacks and a full-length movie, which is the Japanese success movie Shoplifters, which won the Cannes Film Festival in 2018. The Movie Picnic is done in co-operation with the Film Center of Central Finland.

Lounaispuisto Summer 2019

Seminaarinkatu 34

  • 5.6. at 18 Singalong and line dancing event - Grainville Train (Lounalaulut)
  • 7.6. at 18 Nuts for Arts – minifest for the whole family
  • 13.6. at 18 Singalong event with Energia-band (Lounalaulut)
  • 18.6. at 18 Park dance (Puistotanssit): Mid-Summer dance (Juhannustanssit)
  • 27.6. at 18 Singalong event with Konsta Niskavaara & Danger bros (Lounalaulut)
  • 10.7. at 14-18 Great painting event (Suuri maalaustapahtuma)
  • 18.7. at 18 Park dance (Puistotanssit): City dancer's performance and workshop
  • 25.7. at 18 Singalong event with Konsta Niskavaara & Danger bros (Lounalaulut)
  • 1.8. at 18 Park dance (Puistotanssit): Summer -solo and workshop by dance artist Terhi Kuokkanen
  • 8.8. at 18 Singalong event with Energia-band (Lounalaulut)
  • 15.8. at 17-19 Lasten Lysti opening event & Park dance (event for children and families)
  • 22.8. at 18 Singalong event with Energia-band (Lounalaulut)
  • 27.8. at 21 Lounaispuisto Park Cinema picnic

The event is free of charge for everyone! The whole Lounaispuisto Summer program can be found at: www.visitjyvaskyla.fi/en/lounaispuistosummer