A survey by Taloustutkimus Oy shows that Jyväskylä’s overall image has improved since the previous year to beat all its peer cities in Finland.

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City of Jyväskylä, Mayor Timo Koivisto, phone +358 14 266 1501

The respondents in Taloustutkimus’s  Image 2018 survey were representatives of the business community.

Improvements in the image were cited in the following areas: location and services in terms of transport; commercial services available in the city centre; business friendliness; cooperation between businesses and educational institutions; zoning from the business point of view; and access to labour. Improvements were called for in innovation support and communications directed at businesses.

Contact at Taloustutkimus Oy: Hanna-Leena Heinosaari, hanna-leena.heinosaari@taloustutkimus.fi, phone +358 10 7585 403.