The recent overview of current projects outlining the zoning programme for the next three years includes the objectives established for zoning and site supply as well as data on city-owned plots and the zoning report for 2018.

 See the zoning overview at (In Finnish)

New zoning sites in the city centre and district centres:

  • Infill construction in the city centre will continue. A number of hybrid quarters combing residences and businesses are being developed.

  • Aside from the city centre, infill construction will also continue in the adjacent areas and district centres such as Kuokkala and Huhtakeskus in Huhtasuo.

  • An up-to-data workplace and business hub is being planned for the Eteläportti area on Highway 9.

  • Zoning of the Kukkula district will commence in spring 2019.

  • The city centre and station area will be developed as part of the local plan for Rantaväylä.