Jyväskylä City has been an active member of LUCI, Lighting Urban Community International, since 2006. LUCI’s Annual General Meeting 2018 was held in Rabat, Morocco, on 2 November. At the meeting, Jyväskylä was appointed the 1st Vice President of the LUCI Executive Committee for a two-year term. Provided that the previously established practice is followed, this means that Jyväskylä City will assume the presidency of LUCI for the following term 2021–2022. 

Jyväskylä is a prize-winning city recognised for its achievements in the field of urban lighting. The position on the Executive Committee and forthcoming presidency will further strengthen its international reputation as the City of Light. Additionally, the cooperation under the auspices of LUCI will give access to new insights that can be used in future lighting design in Jyväskylä to improve energy efficiency, safety and well-being. 
More recently, the LUCI network has provided invaluable input on the efforts to develop the City of Light event, as international contacts with other cities and lighting events offer up-to-date information on artists, their works and event management.

“We’re really pleased to be able to serve in a key role in developing the activities of the Lighting Urban Community International. It gives us a unique vantage point in urban lighting and so a sound basis for further developing the lighting systems in Jyväskylä”, says Service Manager Kari Ström.

LUCI is an international network of cities that work with light and appreciate the importance of lighting. Established in 2002, LUCI brings together over 70 towns and cities and 45 associated members around the world. For more information on LUCI, please visit www.luciassociation.org.

Additional information:
Service Director Kari Ström, tel. +358 50 60943, kari.strom[at]jkl.fi

Photo: LUCI Executive Committee 2019-2020