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    Kuvassa keskisuomalainen morsiusryijy 1700-luvun lopusta. Kuva: Kari Jämsén
    The exhibition Hearts, diamonds, and tulips fills the Art Hall of the Museum of Central Finland with magnificent ryijy rugs starting from mid-June. In Finland, ryijy rugs have been significant utility textiles and their uses have adapted to meet the needs of different times: from a boat and sleeping cover to a bedcover, wedding ryijy, sleigh cover and, finally, a wall decoration. If Finland had a national textile, it would undoubtedly be the ryijy rug.
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    Kuparisepän talo
    The little museums of the Museum of Central Finland will open in the summer. Welcome to enjoy the old-timey atmosphere and stories in the Coppersmith’s House at the Toivola Old Courtyard, the Pienmäki Open-air Museum in Hankasalmi, the Jyväskylä Museum of Municipal Engineering in Könkkölä, and the Heiska Artist’s Home!
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    Kuvassa Väinönkadulla sijainnut Bio Fantasia vuonna 1980. Kuva: Pekka Helin
    The Museum of Central Finland’s summer exhibition Jyväskylä and its faces takes you on a nostalgic voyage to the Jyväskylä of the 1980s and 1990s. The exhibition of Pekka Helin, the long-time photographer of the museum, presents Jyväskylä and its people from the era. The documentary photographs lead you to the hustle and bustle of the city, the city environment, and events. The exhibition promises surprising encounters with ordinary citizens as well as public figures.
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    Keski-Suomen museon kahvila 1960-luvulla.
    The old café space on the third floor of the Museum of Central Finland is brought to life when Café Alvar opens a pop-up café for the summer there. The opening of the Café is held on Saturday 15.5. at 11.00-21.00 during the Yläkaupungin Yö festival. The museum is also exceptionally open at 11.00-22.00 on Saturday and the entrance is free. Welcome to enjoy the exhibitions and the delicious offerings of the Café!

The Museum of Central Finland