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The staircase and fire place of the Studio Home of the Heiska Family. Picture by Johanna Rekonen. Image Johanna Rekonen

When you step into this studio home and listen hard, you can hear the artist’s call: “Even though there is work to keep company with, there is often a longing for a proper human”. So welcome to the unique art-filled home of Jonas, Maikki, and Vappu Heiska! The over a hundred-year-old building, the objects, art, and photographs take you on a voyage through time and as part of the lives of the family of artists over the course of two generations.

The Studio Home of the Heiska Family is not accessible.


Heiskan taiteilijakoti Jyväskylän Älylässä: Kuva: Pekka Helin, Keski-Suomen museo. Image Pekka Helin


Fri 13.10. at 1 pm - 4 pm open in honour of the 150th anniversary of Jonas Heiska.

Otherwise open during the summer.



Kramsunkatu 8, Jyväskylä

Contact information

Keski-Suomen museo
Tel: +358 50 360 8020

  • Jonas Heiska (1873-1937)
  • Impi Rauha Maria (Maikki) Heiska (née Aro 1889-1961)
  • Vappu Heiska (1921-1993)