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Concrete mixers and other equipment. Picture by Tuula Vuolio-Vallenius. Image Tuula Vuolio-Vallenius

There is plenty to wonder about at the Museum of Municipal Engineering in the Könkkölä area of Jyväskylä. The museum displays over a thousand different interesting objects, equipment, and tools relating to the building of the city of Jyväskylä. In the museum you can find, among other things, the casings of an incendiary bomb that was dropped on Jyväskylä during the war, a Raket chainsaw, wooden pile drivers as well as a Torno Kaiser concrete mixer. You can also take a peek into an office hut and a men’s eating shelter.

The Museum of Central Finland is proud to tell that the Museum of Municipal Engineering’s collection was mainly gathered and catalogued by kotiseutuneuvos (“home region counsellor”) Taito Mörk.


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Vesangantie 37, Könkkölä

The bus stop Könkkölä 1 is near the museum.

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