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The hall of the Coppersmith's House. Picture by Pekka Helin. Image Keski-Suomen museo (KeMu)

Coppersmith’s House and Carpenter’s House

In the centre of Jyväskylä there are no other residential buildings as old as the Coppersmith’s House and Carpenter’s House, which are located at the Toivola Old Courtyard. They were both built in the 1840s.

The Museum of Central Finland has ensured that you can easily pop by the houses all year round. They offer stories and old-time atmosphere, all for free. What on earth was the coppersmith doing in his house?

How did the coppersmith Sjöblom’s family with their six children in addition to the journeyman, apprentice, tenant, and customers visiting the house fit under the same roof? More the merrier!

The Coppersmith’s Houses and Carpenter’s Houses are not accessible.

In the Museum Shop Sparvin's cosy workshop space there are free open workshops with changing themes as well as free pre-booked workshops tailored for different audiences.

The Carpenter's House is not open for the time being.

Free entrance.




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Toivola Old Courtyard
Cygnaeuksenkatu 2, Jyväskylä

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The Craftsmen’s Houses on the Toivola Old Courtyard website

City of Jyväskylä
founded in 1837

Coppersmith’s House
built in 1842

Carpenter’s House
built in 1844

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