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Keskellä kuvaa vanha puinen polkupyörä nostettuna korokkeelle. Takana valokuvaseinä.

The Museum of Central Finland invites you on a journey to explore Central Finland. No matter what your connection to Central Finland is, your role on this journey is important. We both have a lot of valuable information. Let’s bravely share it with each other. Let’s also invite our friends to this expedition and share our experiences.

The Museum of Central Finland is there for you, exactly where you want. Here, in the magnificent museum building designed by Alvar Aalto, located in the Ruusupuisto neighbourhood, you can hang out, check out the exhibitions or just visit for no particular reason.

The Museum of Central Finland has also made sure that you can pop into our wonderful and charming small museums which are the Craftsmen’s Houses, the Studio Home of the Heiska Family, the Pienmäki Farm Buildings Museum, the Working-Class Home Museum in Niitynpää, and the Museum of Municipal Engineering. For information about their opening hours, check out the Our Museum Family page.
Enjoy your visit to the museum!



We pay special attention to the cleanliness of the museum and to precautions. There is hand sanitizer available in the lobby and on different floors of the museum. Please postpone your visit if you are feeling unwell.

Please note that it is forbidden to wear studded shoes in the museum.

Please note!

The lift is out of use Tue-Fri until 3.30 pm till further notice due to the construction site of the Aalto2 museum centre. The lift is in use in the evenings and on weekends.