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ANDREW REYNOLDS FS FLIP. Picture by Arto Saari. Do not use the picture without permission. Image Arto Saari

In our museum, you get to know the following engaging exhibitions:


Permanent exhibition

Exploring Central Finland


Temporary exhibitions:


The Pool – The Origin of Pool Skateboarding

Aalto2's The Pool exhibition consists of four exhibitions combining Alvar Aalto's architectural heritage, international skateboarding culture, rap and hip hop culture.

The exhibition on rap and hip hop culture explores the history of Finnish rap and the impact of Central Finland on the development of hip hop culture as a whole.

The three skateboarding exhibitions are linked by the design of the Villa Mairea swimming pool designed by Alvar Aalto and its influence on international skateboarding culture.

For more information on the exhibitions, Aalto2 Museum Centre

BodyHeart Sounds – The Pulse of Punk in the Dead Centre of Finland 1977–1992