Current exhibitions in the Museum of Central Finland

Exploring Central Finland

Planning for KeMu’s standing exhibition ‘Exploring Central Finland’ began in early 2017 and construction two years later. Now the exhibition structures are in place, showcases are being built, the items and photographs have been selected, videos shot, memories brought back to mind, the captions written and the audio and animated sequences designed. Listen to the stories and memories as told by people from Central Finland, marvel at the beauty of the evolving environment, pop in to see a film, read comics about the early days of Jyväskylä, feel the magic of the smoke sauna and relive glorious moments of sports history, or immerse yourself in rap music. Children can play hopscotch and other traditional playground games, visit the old farmers’ market and create cave paintings using modern techniques. And what did Jyväskylä look like when Alvar Aalto was a young lad, over a hundred years ago?

Lapsia Keski-Suomen museon avajaisissa.

Ateliers around Finland´s Athens 
– early artists’ homes in Central Finland 

The Ateliers around Finland´s Athens exhibition on the Museum’s ground floor is a showcase of early artists’ homes in Central Finland. The exhibition takes you on a trip into the lives of the very first visual artists to make their homes in Central Finland. Their home lives, their family members and naturally their working spaces are all depicted in paintings, and items associated with the homes from the Museum of Central Finland’s collections are on display.  

It was Alvar Cawén, Jonas Heiska, Urho Lehtinen and Carl Bengts who blazed the path for Central Finland visual art in the early 1900s. Heiska and Lehtinen built their atelier homes in close proximity in Jyväskylä’s Älylä. Bengts bought a house on the Äijälänjoki river. Cawén, for his part, spent his childhood at the Mutanen rectory in Korpilahti. He later had an atelier home in Helsinki, but most of its interiors came from his childhood home in Korpilahti. The crown jewel of Cawén’s furniture is a grand piano inherited through his mother Eleonora Boije af Gennäs, a heirloom from Illby Manor in Borgå.

Lutakko 2020

In the Art Hall on the top floor of the Museum of Central Finland, you can sense the ambiance of a live music club. What’s the buzz at a 30-year-old Tanssisali Lutakko? A stone’s throw from Jyväskylä Travel Centre, the club is a nationally renowned live venue and the beating heart of the city’s music scene.
The Lutakko 2020 exhibition is mainly made up of large prints of photographs taken over the last several years. It includes photography from Tommi Anttonen, Petri Blomqvist, Kalle Björklid, Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen, Minna Karhunen, Antti Lehtinen, Antti Närhi, Anssi Ruuska, Niina Vehmas, Mikko Vähäniitty and Esa Ylijääskö. In addition, the exhibition includes works from visual and media artist Jukka Silokunnas as well as graphic artist Ville Angervuori.

The exhibition is curated by Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen.

The exhibition is a co-production by the Museum of Central Finland,  Jyväskylä Live Music Association Jelmu ry, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and The Centre for Creative Photography.