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Lapsia KeMussa

Exploring Central Finland

The new permanent exhibition of the Museum of Central Finland traces the history of Central Finland from prehistoric times all the way to the year 2000. The exhibition ponders and presents the life of the people of the region in the different millennia, centuries, and decades. In the exhibition, there is a wide variety of things to see, listen to, and do for people of all ages. You can, for example, listen to memories and stories, wonder at and admire the changing Central Finnish landscape and environment, pop to the movies, read comics about the founding of the city, feel the magic of the smoke sauna, relive glorious moments of sports history or immerse yourself in rap music. Or what would it be like to feel the magic of 1960s dancing to tunes from a jukebox? Children can play old-time games, visit the market, play hopscotch or create cave paintings using modern techniques. And what does a trip, led by young Alvar Aalto, to Jyväskylä of more than a hundred years ago look like? The exhibition also has two big scale models of the city of Jyväskylä. 

Keskisuomalaisuutta etsimässä tarjoaa myös perheen pienimmille mahdollisuuden tutustua keskisuomalaisuuteen.


There and Back – a Wanderer in the Landscape
Oil paintings by Päivi Reiman

14.8–17.10. 2021

Päivi Reiman’s exhibition There and Back – a Wanderer in the Landscape is made up of abstract works inspired not only by Central Finland’s lake-dotted nature, but also the blazing colours of Lapland’s fall foliage.
Through her exhibition, Reiman is taking a stand for staying loyal to one’s roots in a world where many have been cast far and away from their places of origin. Päivi Reiman moved from Central Finland to Sweden at an early school age and has subsequently lived both in Finland and abroad. She returned to Central Finland 20 years ago, and that begun a new period in her art through a newfound need to interpret the landscapes of her mind’s eye. The artists could see herself and her memories in the region’s landscape, and that experience became a key part of her artistic identity.
The exhibition is subsidised by the Central Finland fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.
The exhibition There and Back – a Wanderer in the Landscape is dedicated to the artist’s mother, Aune Reiman, who passed away in April.

There and Back - a Wanderer in the Landscape -exhibition


Of unisex and colour TV 
The tale of colours of the 1960s and 1970s


This exhibition offers a peek into the visual environment of the 1960s and the 1970s through colour. Those were decades full of garish colour, albeit streaked through with rusty tones, grey, and black. How did these colours appear in the fashion, design, art, interiors, and the architecture of the era?

The exhibition is a part of a joint colour-themed fall of museums in Jyväskylä.

An orange bus in Jyväskylä in 1967.