Current exhibitions in the Museum of Central Finland

Exploring Central Finland

In the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Central Finland, you can listen to the stories and memories as told by people from Central Finland, marvel at the beauty of the evolving environment, pop in to see a film, read comics about the early days of Jyväskylä, feel the magic of the smoke sauna and relive glorious moments of sports history, or immerse yourself in rap music. Children can play hopscotch and other traditional playground games, visit the old farmers’ market and create cave paintings using modern techniques. And what did Jyväskylä look like when Alvar Aalto was a young lad, over a hundred years ago?

Kuvassa värikäs suokuva. Kuvan edessä pyöreitä istuimia ja kotamaisesti aseteltuja puun runkoja.

Whose Nature? Central Finland

Kenen luonto? (Whose Nature?), the most ambitious photography project concerning nature Finland has ever seen, starts in March 2021 with the Jyväskylä Art Museum, the Museum of Central Finland and Galleria Ratamo. The national Kenen luonto? project seeks to bring together photographic artists, nature photographers, scientists, as well as all those interested in nature, to build a new image of nature and its role as an exciter of social and political passions. It seeks to inspire and empower positive interest in nature and change towards more sustainable development. The project speaks for nature, highlights excellence, and builds up new platforms for professionals and hobbyists alike. Its key themes are change, adaptation, and hope. The project, coordinated by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, will tour galleries of photographic art around Finland over 2021.

The Museum of Central Finland will offer a selection of local views of nature. The Kenen luonto? Keski-Suomi (Whose Nature? Central Finland) is a collection of works from Central Finland nature photographers and photographic artists that highlights the diverse meanings of nature while calling for a sustainable way to experience nature. The photographers picked for this exhibition are Mikko Auerniitty, Ville Bräysy, Iiro Immonen, Maria Kärkkäinen, Heli Mannisenmäki, Mika Nykänen and Anssi Ruuska. The exhibition is curated by the photographic artists Antti Hintsa and Tiina Palola.

Iiro Immosen teos Route 6540, 2020.

3rd Wave - The 73rd annual exhibition of the Jyväskylä Artists’ Association

The 3rd Wave exhibition is both a momentary look at today and a harbinger of change to come. The works selected for display form their own complex wholes. The artists create reflections in time, both towards the future and towards the past, placing the present into a rupture. The works highlight the current rupture occurring in our relationship with nature, consumption, and the structures of society, even as they elevate into focus the fundamental questions of humanity. The seemingly regional perspective offered by the artists thus turns out to be very universal in truth.

The annual exhibitions are a central and publicly visible part of the Jyväskylä Artists’ Association’s activities. Among the rationales for the exhibitions are to promote Central Finland art and to bring artists and art audiences together. The first annual exhibition took place in 1945, the year the Association was founded, in the Parkkosen Huonekaluliike furniture store. That show was curated by painter Urho Lehtinen and the art critic and museum activist, Jyväskylä College art teacher Toivo Ojala. Since then, cooperation with the local museums has shaped a tradition of annual exhibitions with roots in the annual exhibition of 1956 held in the art department of the Museum of Central Finland.

This time, as before, the exhibition was built on submissions in response to an open call for works. The call was open not only to Association members, but all artists working in Central Finland.

The exhibition was curated by regional artist laureate Aura Seikkula.

Jyväskylän Taiteilijaseuran 73. vuosinäyttely Keski-Suomen museossa.