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Linkkiruuhkaa paikallisliikenneterminaalissa. Image Jiri Halttunen

Local transportation by buses

The green "Linkki" buses take care of the local transportation in Jyväskylä. Public transportation of Jyväskylä region is organized by the City of Jyväskylä. Linkki public transportation web pages can be found at

Routes and timetables

See the map and timetables: Local traffic Trip Planner for Jyväskylä and the booklet for the bus timetables.

The routes of the buses reach all parts of the city. Local traffic Trip Planner gives you advice on the best public transport connection to your destination within city traffic.

The signs on the bus stops tell whether it is a stop for local or long distance busses. Yellow-black bus stop sign for local busses. Blue-white bus stop sign for long distance coaches.

Information and customer service

Linkki service point (Linkki-palvelupiste), Asemakatu 7
 Tel. +358 14 266 0114

Opening hours:

Sale of tickets

• Linkki service point, Asemakatu 7 Forum
• R-kiosks in Jyväskylä, Laukaa and Muurame
• Online service:
• Linkki-buses, lines 1–39 (not 13M) and 42 as well as regional route 41(only single tickets and ticket top ups)

Ticket products

• single tickets
• day tickets
• Waltti travel card/ season tickets (30, 90, 180 days or one year)
• Waltti travel card/ value ticket

Single ticket is a personal ticket issued to an adult or child by the driver onboard the bus. The ticket price is based on the passenger’s age and number of travel zones. The ticket permits transfers within the zone for 60 min (1-2 zone ticket) or 120 min (3-4 zone ticket).

Season ticket is a personal ticket issued to an adult, child, youth or student. The ticket price is based on the length of the period (30, 90 180 days or one year) and the number of travel zones. The period starts when the ticket is validated for the first time.

Value ticket is money value stored on a Waltti personal or holder travel card and debited according to the price of the ticket. The ticket may also be used to pay for the trip of another person (a younger person or a person of the same age category). The amount of money stored on the card is valid for 5 years.

Day ticket is a holder ticket for an adult, child or youth. The ticket can be bought from Linkki service point on a single zone (A, B, C or D) or for all four zones (A–D). A day rate has been specified for the ticket and it can be bought for a maximum period of 60 days.

Both a season and a personal value ticket can be stored on the same travel card. By default, the card reader first checks the validity of the season ticket. If you wish to use your value ticket to pay the fare, inform the driver before the payment transaction. Season tickets can be used for unlimited travel during their period of validity.

Mobile ticket is also available and valid on lines 1–39 (not 13M) and 42, see more information

For additional information on tickets and fares, see

Ticket product prices, travel zones and age/customer groups

The price of the journey depends on number of travel zones and on the traveller’s customer group and age.

There are four zones: a single-zone ticket has the lowest price, a four-zone ticket is the most expensive. Check the travel zones.

Single ticket costs 3,00 € (children 1,50 €) on one travel zone.

Single ticket and value ticket allow the person to exchange freely from one Linkki to another within one hour (1 or 2 travel zone ticket) or within two hours (3 to 4 travel zone ticket) of the payment transaction.

Travel zones are specified for value ticket upon purchase. If the journey differs from this specification, please tell the driver before making the payment transaction. The driver selects the correct zones in the card reader, and the correct price is charged to the value ticket.

A Waltti travel card can be a season ticket and a value ticket the same time. The right to travel is first automati-cally checked from the season ticket. If you wish to pay using the value card instead of the season ticket, tell the driver before the payment transaction.

Age and customer groups:
• Children (under 17 years)
• Youth (17–24 years)
• Student ticket (over 25 years, present a certificate of being full-time student)
• Senior ticket (65 years or over). Senior ticket is a value ticket, which allows you to travel at a very low price in local traffic from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Service transport

The City of Jyväskylä provides service transport Linkki-VIP intended for everyone. The drivers can deviate from the routes to the customer’s door, for example. The service transport vehicles are mini-buses with a low floor level for easy access. A trip costs the standard bus fare, Waltti-tickets are available in ticket offices (see the information above). You can obtain printed schedules and a route guide from the Jyväskylä Info at Asemakatu and from the Linkki-VIP service transport vehicles.

Lost property and travel cards

Lost property: The office of Jyväskylän Liikenne Oy, tel. +358 20 742 5800, office hours from 8 a.m. to 16 p.m. from Monday to Friday
Lost travel cards: Linkki service point, tel. +358 14 266 0114, outside the opening hours: