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Poika hyppää uimaan. Image Jouni Kallio

The Environmental health authorities in the Jyväskylä region supervise, among other things, 

  • public beaches 
  • public swimming pools 
  • spas and 
  • ice swimming spots 

Monitoring the water quality at public beaches 

The Environmental health authorities monitor public beaches (so-called EU beaches and small public beaches) in accordance with the Health Protection Act and the swimming water regulations.  

Three water samples are taken from the beach water during the bathing season (15 June-31 August).  

The samples are examined for indicator microbes originating from faeces. In addition, the presence of blue algae among other things is measured from the water. When inspecting beaches, attention is paid to the general hygiene, cleanliness and waste management of beaches. 

Public beaches, so-called EU beaches 

The bathing water profile of each EU beach describes the characteristics of that beach and the factors influencing water quality. The profiles can be found on the municipal beach website. 

Monitoring of water quality in swimming pools 

Environmental health monitors public swimming pools and spas as well as other similar public pools. The monitoring targets both the premises and the quality of the pool water. In accordance with the monitoring research programme, the microbiological and physicochemical quality of the swimming pool water is regularly examined.  

There are seven swimming halls/spas in our surveillance area. In Jyväskylä, you can find the Aalto Alvar, Wellamo and Scandic Laajavuori spas. In Muurame, you can swim in the Muurame swimming hall and in Leivonmäki in the Joutsa swimming hall. You can refresh yourself in Äänekoski in the Vesivelho and Suolahti swimming halls. 

We do not monitor the swimming pools of private individuals or housing companies or their water quality. 


Tips for swimmers 

Dirt and microbes in the pool water reduce the effectiveness of chlorine disinfection. The largest load of dirt is usually caused by swimmers. By following the instructions, you will be take care of your own health and that of those swimming with you.  

State of health  
If you have a contagious disease or you have an open wound, postpone your visit to the swimming pool until the disease or wound has healed.  

Going to the toilet 
Make sure that you and especially any children go to the toilet before going to into the pool. 

Always shower carefully before going into the pool or sauna, even if you have just washed somewhere else. Wash yourself always after going to the toilet. Tie long hair back or use a swim cap.  

Going to the sauna 
Do not go to the sauna in your swimsuit, because the chlorine that evaporates from it can cause a health hazard and dirt gets into the pool water from a sweaty swimsuit.  

Contact lenses 
It is recommended to remove contact lenses from the eyes before swimming or to use disposable lenses that are removed immediately after swimming. Swimming with contact lenses increases the risk of eye infections, for example.