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The process of a local master plan consists of four different stages, just like the process of a local detailed plan too.
Drawing up a whole local master plan or amending a part thereof shall be initiated when the urban development or the need to steer land use so require.

In the initial stage, the plan

1.    shall be announced in public and a participation and an assessment plan is to be drawn up for it along with
2.    making the necessary basic surveys and conducting negotiations.
3.    It is possible to give feedback on the participation and assessment plan.

Next, an outline on the plan is to be prepared. It shall be dealt with by the Urban Planning and City Infrastructure Committee and after its approval, the outline 

1.    is to be displayed for public inspection for comments and,
2.    if necessary, an event with an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the plan and give some feedback on it is to be arranged.
3.    Feedback on the outline on the plan can be given directly to a person drawing up the plan or through opinion in writing addressed to the City Registry.

In the proposal stage, the necessary amendments shall be made to the plan solution, based on feedback received and on further surveys. This solution

1.    shall be displayed for public inspection after the Urban Planning and City Infrastructure Committee has approved it, allowing 
2.    for feedback to be given through a written objection to the City Registry.
3.    If necessary, a new event is to be arranged with the purpose of familiarising yourself with the plan solution and commenting on it. 

Finally, the plan is being prepared for approval. The feedback received shall be responded to and the necessary amendments are made to the plan solution.

1.    The plan shall be first dealt with by the Urban Planning and City Infrastructure Committee from which it proceeds through the City Board to the City Council for approval.
2.    It is possible to appeal against the approval decision in court.

– You can see the current (pending) local master plans (in Finnish)
– You can familiarise yourself with the Annual Planning Programme (Kaavoitusohjelma) (in Finnish) 

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