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Näyttely arkiston taustakuva 5


The common thread of this exhibition runs along edge between painting and drawing. Within the artwork, drawing turns into painting and various spaces in limbo and periphery fields are born. The artwork questions the traditional juxtapositions of painting and drawing: is the work representational or abstract, where is the line drawn between colour, what can be called black and white. The artwork displays unwavering aesthetics, impending romantics, but also a modernist straightforwardness that sits easily with Fins.

Sami Havia (b. 1982) paints and draws shapes related to comic strips. Havia’s cheeky and broken decorations are usually evenly composed. Viewed from a distance, different elements form a surface, but a closer look reveals ever more details. The three dimensionality of his painting is born from drawn shadows or the brush stroke is actually a drawing, imitating a painted stroke.

Ilari Hautamäki (b. 1983) is a determined painter from the analytic modernist family. The compositions made with subdued colours, constructivist paintings have made Hautamäki a renewed successor of a strong Finnish abstract painting tradition. His colour palette is consciously muted, often synthetic. He seems to think about colour like an architect; in surfaces for different elements which are brought in a communal dialogue.

Kim Somervuori (b. 1975) is a material romantic who incorporates numerous different techniques in his paintings and drawings. Used materials and the way they are treated are full of meaning. Weathered boards, rusted spray cans and old paintbrushes or ripped up canvases already have their own meaning. These can be read as references to street art, be found as a critique on consumerism or they can be interpreted as the depiction of an artistic process.

Opening on Thu on the 9th of March, 2017 at 6 pm.- 8 pm, e-invitation

Text: Veikko Halmetoja, curator