Françoise Jaquet

5 June – 13 September, Lower Gallery

Fragile materials are transformed into clothes, nests or hearts through the hands of the Swiss artist Françoise Jaquet who knits, crochets or intertwines the different materials together. The sculptor’s work deals with nature and humans. Her material includes everything you can find in nature from seaweed to moss; from a tree’s root to their branches. These materials are also shaped into other to forms from nature such as shells, feathers, insect cocoons, plants or parts of these things.

The passage of time, metamorphoses, the complexity and relativity of reality are especially important themes for the artist. She tries to bring glimpses of the mystery of things buried in the collective unconscious, back to the surface. Her work opens the door to a world of imagination and poetry, which is threatened by high-performance and the wonders of consumerism in today’s society.

This exhibition explores different conceptions of time in 4 parts: Time of Limbo (Nests), Time of Myth (magic clothes), Time of Daydreaming (Imaginary traps) and Passing Time (Evolutive papers).