Kankaanpää Art school's graduation exhibition

12 April – 25 May

The artists shown in this exhibition are Satu Haiko, Toni S. Halonen, Emma Heinonen, Saara Heinonen, Veera Hoppula, Sdalla Huttunen, Maire Karuvuori, Annika Kiiskilä, Tiia-Mari Kolibri, Antti Johannes Kääriäinen, Jasmin Leinonen, Heidi Montti, Frida Moukulainen, Riikka Nikko, Reetta Partanen, Jenna Piirto, Kirsi Riihiluoma, Minttu Saarinen, Minna Salonen, Tapani Saraste, Marja Sarja, Elina Saviaro, Merilii Simonen and Jani Vepsä.

When a particular material, tool, work or action is just right for a particular purpose, it seems conveyance and sincerity, to be truly successful. This exhibition includes 24 artists who are taking their place in the Jyväskylä Art Museum just as they are in the world, in this very moment and second. Outstanding is a growing term for the generation of 2010 artists. In this global village, the studio might be in Kankanpää or New York – it is simply about the work, dedication and how the end result turns out.

For one and a half months, the Jyväskylä Art Museum will be the stage for diversely talented artists. The show is composed of colour, line, form, light, sound and movement. Each work of art is different and in that, an interesting example of how far the graduating artists have come, and where they are going.

Kankaanpää Art School is part of the Satakunta University of Applied Science. The programmes offered at this school include painting, printmaking, sculpture as well as Finland’s only certificate in performance art. This year the performance art artists were pioneers in their programme, which was the first of it’s quality in Finland, in 11 years.

The mentors for this graduation exhibition were artists Anna Alapuro, Matti Kalkamo, Tero Nauha and Elina Ruohonen.