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Näyttely arkiston taustakuva 5

21 September – 2 December

This three-artist exhibition provides an enjoyable art museum experience for children of all ages. Adults and parents can also enjoy themselves amongst these memorable creations. An extensive programme is offered in connection to the exhibition.

In Jyrki Markkanen’s work, technique and emotion combine in an exciting way. The artist tells of his passion for films and for the cinema theatre atmosphere. On Super 8 film, he filmed a Volkswagen Beetle around which the many seasons change. The film is shown from the inside of a real Beetle car, transformed into a small movie theatre: The Pfenning Cinema. The film tells of life’s little pleasures that don’t cost very much.

Outi Markkanen’s installation takes the museum visitor into a wonderland. Jonni is a small, sensitive, earless bunny who goes on an adventure with Otusnalle, Myyrä Myönteinen and the artist O. Nerovimmaus in Markkanen’s collage illustration originals. The illustrations were published in two Jonni-books by Markkanen and Jaana Lappo. The visitor is invited to literally step into Jonni’s forest in the Meadow Studio installation. The artist’s treasure collection of bunny rabbits (chocolate bunnies, toy bunnies, bunny painting, bunny lamps…) will also be on display.

Riitta Järvelä is interested in people’s process of development. Through her series On Growing Up she has photographed a young girl from childhood through adolescence. The images tell about friendship, the search for identity, rebellion and independence. In addition she shows her video work The Red Balloon that is primarily composed of family-album photos found at the flea market. The ten-minute film carries us through photographs of children in the 1800’s into childhood of the 1960’s. The installation Hall of Mirrors is a magical room of reflections in which the museum visitor can study her or his own image.

These three artists, born in the 1950’s, share a childhood growing up in Jyväskylä, and their life-long passion for art. Outi Markkanen and Riitta Järvelä met when they were 11 years old. Jyrki Markkanen is Outi Markkanen’s little brother. Jyrki Markkanen still lives in Jyväskylä while Outi Markkanen now lives in Konnevesi, Central Finland, and Riitta Järvelä lives in Pirkkala. 

During the 1970’s both Outi Markkanen and Jyrki Markkanen graduated as graphic designers at the Lahti Collage of Art and Design, while Riitta Järvelä graduated as a photographer from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Outi Markkanen continued her studies at the Art University of Prague (UMPRUM) until the end of the 70’s. Jyrki Markkanen has participated and given printmaking classes at the Jyväskylä Centre for Printmaking for professional artists since 1982. And Riitta Järvelä has participated in classes at the Tampere University of Applied Arts and Science in the department of Art and Communications where she has studied Video Art, as well as specializing in Photography. 

Over the years, all of the artists have participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Museum Hours 
Open Tues – Sun 11am – 6pm 

Admission Rates
Adult 6 €, Adult accompanying children 5 €, Students 3 €, Free for children under 18
Fridays are free for everyone