Helena Hietanen and Jaakko Niemelä Process light-work and lightning designs

17 September – 24 October, Holvi

Artwork on light and shadow

"In our work we are interested in the combination of natural and artificial light along with shadows and darkness. In our sculptures, installations, and public artwork we study light in space: what does light represent, how do materials reflect light and how can we combine the functional and artistic in lighting?

We create numerous public light-works and our competition submissions resemble environmental lighting designs, which we combine with the possibilities of the visual arts. Collaborative work with architects and other designers, allows the lighting to become a natural part of the building or cityscape."

Helena Hietanen is a sculptor and Jaakko Niemelä is a visual artist

They participated in the Architecture of Lighting course at the Aalto-University/TaiK continued education programme.