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Näyttely arkiston taustakuva 5

2 June – 18 July, Holvi, The Lower Gallery

“My work is based on the admiration of the diversity of nature, to which I return again and again. How much happens in our environment and how little is observed. Through my work I define my place in the world and study experience, understanding and spirituality of the moment.”

The artwork in Antti Jokinen’s exhibition, “The Passage of Time”, is a free association with time and landscape, in which reality and imagination combine into a new entity.
The expression of the experience of being present is typical in Jokinen’s work. The images are an aesthetic travelogue through a layering of environments and events in the fleeting moment. The artist’s own thoughts, feelings and circumstances of the instance, influence the experienced point in time and are preliminary to the artwork.

“My work is divided into two distinct phases. An active phase of taking pictures where I look for subjects, along hikes in cities as well as in nature. For me this is a kind of “hunting and gathering” phase, which provides me with raw material for my work. The second phase is one of processing the image, when pieces fit into the form of the finished image. This part of my work is usually a lonely process and reclusive phase in life. For me, a finished image is difficult to describe with words. In a way, the image is its own wordless language, silence, which feels complete and balanced.”

In this exhibition’s artwork, rugged cliffs and vast seas collide with human-made cityscapes: the new and the old. It is possible to find harmony in the different elements when they are placed side by side. Jokinen is not trying to capture reality, but to disclose the vision of his personal experiences; constructing pictures out of an instance in which all parts depend on each other.

Antti Jokinen (1974 Haapamäki) graduated in 2007 from South Carelia Polytechnic, department of fine arts. He has also studied in Barcelona and worked in Berlin, and has held exhibitions in Finland, Spain, Russia, the United States and Germany. Jokinen lives and works in Vaajakoski. ”The Passage of Time” is his first exhibition in Jyväskylä.

Contact information
Antti Jokinen, tel. +358 (0)50 354 2778,