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Näyttely arkiston taustakuva 5

16 January – 22 February, Lower gallery

Nummer dertien, effugio C You’re always only half a day way
12 hour HD video, Hassi Finland, 2011

In Nummer dertien, effugio c, the artist runs around his house in Finland from 23.00 in the evening till 11:00 in the morning, covering about 100km or 2,5 marathons. Van der Werve picked up sports in 2009 and moved to Finland from New York around 2010. At that time triathlon and running was such a big part of his life (and pretty much all that he was doing) that it naturally started to appear in his work. Nummer dertien consist of three parts and effugio c is the last of the three.

Nummer negen The day I didn’t turn with the world
8’40”, time-lapse photography to HD video, Geographic Northpole, 2007

In Nummer negen, the artist traveled to the geographic north pole to literally not turn with the world for one day. Van der Werve stood on top of the axis of the earth and turned clock wise following his own shadow, while the earth turned counter clock wise beneath him. The music for Nummer negen was composed by the artist. Having used existing music before that, nummer negen marked the start of Guido van der Werve as a composer.

Bio (courtesy Luhring Augustine):

Guido van der Werve was born in Papendrecht, the Netherlands in 1977 and currently lives and works in Finland, Amsterdam, and Berlin. Van der Werve pursued studies in industrial design, archaeology, music composition, and Russian language and literature at several universities in the Netherlands be-fore beginning to create his first video documented performances around 2000. Since that time he has created a variety of works, including films, videos, and artist’s books in chronological order from two to fifteen. 

Recent showings of his work include solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the High Line, New York; the Giuliani Foundation, Rome; and de Hallen Haarlem in the Netherlands. Van der Werve’s most recent film, nummer veertien, home, won the 2013 Golden Calf award in Amster-dam for Best Short Film. The performance of his Requiem, home, written for this film, has been per-formed internationally several times, including in such cities as New York, Moscow, Rome, and New York. Each year van der Werve participates in the Performa festival with his Annual Running to Rachmaninoff Run performance; 2014 will be the fifth time this event takes place.

Artist statement: “In order to manage the infinite amount of moves and variations during a chess game, grandmasters have developed a certain intuition which is based on experience in compositional aesthetics. Rather than trying to calculate the infinite amount of moves and consequences each move has, they look at the chess board and make a move that simply feels right.”

Courtesy of Monitor Gallery Rome, Gallery Juliette Jongma Amsterdam, Marc Foxx Los Angeles, Luhring Augustine New York.

Opening on Thursday, 15 January , from 5.30 pm. Welcome!

Afternoon Tea with the Artist on Friday, from 5.30 to 6.30 pm. Welcome!