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Pöyrätuolissa oleva asiakas ja työntekijä katsovat toisiaan. Image Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen

Services for the disabled include various services that make the life and housing of the disabled easier. Legislation for the disabled aims to promote the opportunities of disabled people to live and act as equal members of society with others. Moreover, the aim is to prevent and remove the disadvantages and obstacles caused by being disabled.

Pursuant to Finnish law, municipalities are obliged to provide the disabled with various services and support.

The services included in the particular obligations for municipalities include:

  • Transport services
  • Interpreter services for those with serious hearing, hearing/vision and speech handicaps
  • Service housing
  • Personal assistance
  • Day activities for the seriously disabled
  • Alterations to the residence, as well as devices, machinery and equipment that are fixed parts of the residence

Discretionary services and support measures include:

  • Allowance for additional costs incurred by a special diet and clothing
  • Auxiliary devices
  • Adjustment coaching

The Jyväskylä council for the disabled also operates in Jyväskylä. The objective of the council is to promote disabled citizens’ involvement and participation as equal citizens along with other city residents.