Services for the aged

Living and services at home

An important aim of services for the aged is that the aged person could live in his or her own home actively and with operational capacity for as long as possible.

Home care

Living at home is supported through home care services. Home care includes home nursing and home service. Home care is provided in co-operation with the customer, the next of kin, and various co-operation partners, and the care is based on a written care and service plan. Home service deals with helping the customer with daily activities that the customer cannot perform on their own. Home nursing provides healthcare and nursing for the customer with support from a public health physician when the patient is no longer unable to use nurse or physician services provided by the healthcare unit for the treatment of outpatients.

Home care services

Home care services carry a fee, and are determined on the basis of the service type, amount, the paying capacity of the service user, and the size of the family. Service housing aims to ensure individual, home-like housing for people over 65 years of age requiring care and attention around the clock, who can no longer cope in their own home. Rehabilitation helps to maintain the resident’s operational capacity, and recreational activities promote mental well-being. In the service apartments, the staff is always present in the daytime, but during night time, help can be called by alerting the staff or the aged person is visited as agreed. In intensive service housing, the staff is present around the clock.

For more information about service housing, please contact the SAS contact people, tel. +358 14 625 561 or 050 407 0460, and the social welfare employees at the healthcare centre hospital.

Day centres provide weekday activities for the aged

At the day centres, the aged can gather on weekdays to converse, do activities and spend time together. A day centre provides the residents in the area with services supporting independent initiative and coping at home, such as exercise, meals, and bathing. Jyväskylä has a total of 20 regional day centres.

The activities support the physical and operational capacity, and the health of the aged, while promoting social interaction. The day centres also supply payable services, such as meals, sauna and bathing services, as well as rehabilitation and hairdresser services by private entrepreneurs.

Day centres in Jyväskylä (in Finnish)

Allowance for taking care of close relatives

The next of kin receives an allowance from the municipality when he or she takes care of a seriouslydisabled or aged relative at home. The allowance for taking care of close relatives is a care compensation and/or services determined in a care and service plan; the compensation is paid to ensure the care or other attention to an aged person, a disabled person, or a sick person at home.