Current recommendations and restrictions during the coronavirus situation

updated on 25 February 2020

Face mask recommendation

Following THL's recommendation (8 January 2021), the use of face masks is recommended to all Jyväskylä residents over the age 12 until further notice. 

The use of face masks is recommended in the following settings:

  • In public spaces and events where close contacts cannot always be avoided.
  • In comprehensive schools in grades 6-9.
  • In secondary schools (including general upper secondary schools) and higher education institutions.
  • On public transport where close contacts cannot always be avoided.
  • Persons travelling to a COVID-19 testing facility and awaiting the test results, if it is necessary for them to move outside the home.
  • Passengers arriving in Finland from a high-risk area while moving from the point of entry to the place of quarantine or if it is necessary to move outside the home during the quarantine. 

Public spaces and events where mask use is recommended are shops and shopping malls, post offices, banks, libraries and similar indoor spaces. Masks are recommended in audience areas of facilities for physical activities, exercise and sports venues.

In addition masks are recommended in public spaces such as dressing rooms in swimming pools, spas and saunas, Adult Education Centre's cources (excluding physical activity cources), churches and other religious community spaces, concert halls and other live music venues, theatres and other performance venues, cinemas and other venues for screening films and audiovisual works as well as museums and galleries.

In accordance with the instructions of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the mask should not be used if it unreasonably hinders breathing or there are other health-related reasons that prevent the use of the mask.

The use of face masks is mandatory for city employees working in the following functions: 

  • in social and health services until further notice
  • in home services for the elderly and other housing services for at-risk groups until further notice
  • in basic education the staff must wear a mask or visor until further notice
  • in early education, the mask or visor should be used in work tasks where the employees move between different groups

Directions, recommendations, restrictions

Recommendations for events

The city recommends that private events for more than 6 people should not be held in March.  Private events are all events of a private nature that are not open to the public. Examples of private occasions include birthday parties and private evening parties.

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inland Finland has issued an order to the municipalities of the Central Finland Hospital District limiting the number of participants in public events and general meetings to 10 persons at most. The order is in force untill 1 March 2021.

Parishes recommended to have a maximum of as many people attend indoor events as the Regional State Administrative Agency recommends that the public attend public events.

Parishes are recommended  to organize indoor events in accordance with  the current  Regional State Administrative Agency's recommendations on the maximum number of people attending events.  

Recommendations for leisure activities and sport services 

  • All sports activities for children and young people under the age of 18 in the city premises are reopened as of 15 February 2021 in compliance with the safety instructions related to the coronavirus situation.
  • City of Jyväskylä's swimming halls Aalto Alvari and Wellamo, are closed until 31 March (order extended on 25 February 2021). School swimming lessons are arranged normally. 
  • The city will close its own gyms and guided sport groups for adults until the end of March. 
  • In the city's own sport premises indoors and outdoors, regular bookings for people over the age of 18 are cancelled until 31 March.
  • Badminton and squash shifts cannot be booked until 31 March. 
  • It is recommended that all indoor group exercise for people over the age of 18 should be suspended until the end of March.
  • City's own groups of under the age of 18 will operate normally in accordance with safety recommendations.
  • Public skating shifts from all outdoor ice rinks will be cancelled until the end of March.
  • The public is prohibited from participating in matches and competition events held in city-owned sports facilities and outdoor areas. However, in matches and competitions that are closed to the public, the number of athletes and essential staff may exceed 10, as the closed event is no longer considered a public event. 
  • It is also recommended that hobby, match and competition activities for team and contact sports for athletes over the age of 18 should be suspended indoors until the end of March, excluding training and competitions for national teams, Finnish Championships and Division 1 levels.  The restrictions do not apply to professional training aimed at the top on an international level.
  •       City of Jyväskylä recommends all sport service providers to restrict services for over 18 years old and customers of over 18 years old to restrict their training until 31 March.    
  • City of Jyväskylä recommends that in team sports, game trips to cities and areas that are in spreading phase are cancelled until further notice.


In libraries, customers can choose and borrow books and other material without prior reservations. However, safety instructions like using face masks and keeping safety distances must be be followed. The picking-up reservations, returning,  and the short-term use of customer machines serve during the opening hours of libraries. Collections, study areas and lounge areas are closed. Library cars do not operate and self-service libraries do not serve outside the normal opening hours of libraries.


Museums are open. However, safety instructions,like using face masks and keeping safety distances, must be followed.

Adult Education Centre

Adult Education Centre's physical education and sport courses are organized through distance education in March. Courses that cannot be organized through distance learning are suspended in March. Basic education and individual education in the arts for children and young will continue as contact teaching. Lectures and public events are organized online or are cancelled.

Other teaching  is mainly carried out as distance learning. In certain subjects contact teaching is possible in accordance with safety guidelines. Students are informed of the teaching methods. 

City Theatre and Jyväskylä Sinfonia

Jyväskylä Sinfonia and the City Theatre can open their doors. However, the restriction on the number of participants in public events of the Regional State Administrative Agency are to followed: a maximum of 10 persons may attend the public event. The restriction is valid until 1 March. Until.

Recommendations on visits

Services for the elderly and disabled, provided in housing units in accordance with the Social Welfare Act:

  • Visits must always be arranged in advance and the visitor will be given instructions for the visit.
  • There may be two visitors at the same time.
  • The visitor must observe hand hygiene and wear the disposable face mask given by the employees.
  • Social distancing must be observed and touching the client must be avoided.
  •  The visits can be arranged outside, in a quiet separate room or in the resident’s own room.
  • The visitors are not allowed to visit the common rooms of the unit without a good reason.

In the wards of the City hospital, only relatives of patients in palliative care or critically ill can visit when wearing face masks.

Quarantine-like conditions in housing units

When a new resident arrives at a housing unit or a resident returns, for example, from a home leave, quarantine-like conditions are applied for 10 days. In this way, contacts with other residents are avoided and efforts are made to prevent the spread of the epidemic at the housing unit. 

Day activities

In the services for the disabled, work and day activities will continue with exceptional arrangements until the end of June 2021.

Day activities for the elderly will be suspended until at least the end of June 2021. 

Recommendation on distance learning for secondary and higher education by using a hybrid model

Distance education recommendation applies in secondary schools and higher education institutions in a way that contact teaching can be arranged in a staggered manner using a hybrid model. A maximum of 25% of the students at the educational institution can participate in the teaching in the hybrid model.

Permits for events in public areas will be issued from 1 March 

The City of Jyväskylä will again issue permits for events in public areas from 1 March onwards. Public areas are all areas owned by the city. In terms of events, this means parks, the harbour area, Lutakko Square and the pedestrian street. The events must comply with the current coronavirus guidelines and Avi's audience restrictions.

Remore working 

The remote working recommendation for city employess will remain in force. The continuation of the remote working recommendation will be evaluated by the end of May.

City decision-making by online meetings until the end of the city council term

The city's decision-making process will also be held remotely until the end of the council term. The new council will start operating in June 2021.