Production timetable (before the event) is a valuable tool in the event organizing process. Timetable moves the process along and it especially concentrates on venues and permits. In addition, the timetable considers special requirements in marketing, ticket sale, supplementary programs, performers, logistics and accommodation.

It is also important to make a timetable for the actual event. Certain stages and steps in event organizing can only be done in sequence in time and are connected to each other.

Take into account the processing times for permits when making the timetable.


Consider these when deciding the time of the event

• Concurrent events -> benefits from mutual target groups

• Availability and suitability of the venue

• Accommodation capacity

• Need for volunteers


8-12 mo before the event

  • Planning
  • Organization (project manager, responsibilities)
  • Reservation for the venue
  • Budgeting, possible aids and benefits
  • Contacting partners, sponsors and applying for event subsidies

6-8 mo before the event

  • Programme plans and timetable
  • Booking the performers and host
  • Booking the constructions and technique
  • Plans for the event area, making maps
  • Ticket pre-sales
  • Marketing and communications plans

4-6 mo before the event

  • Meetings with the authorities
  • Checking the budget
  • Hiring the staff
  • Launching of the marketing campaign

1-3 mo before the event

  • Permits and notifications
  • Insurances
  • Finalizing the programme, printed materials
  • Assingning tasks for the event day
  • Security, safety and risk management
  • Cleanliness and environmental issues