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Services in the Expertise Centre

Our career advisors help you to find work or a study place, or to plan your own business!

Our office is in the center of Jyväskylä. Address: Kilpisenkatu 1 D.

Please, make an appointment, so we can help you better:

  • call or send a WhatsApp message to 040 537 6836

How can we help you?

  • Courses and events: We organize courses and events where you can get knowledge and skills for job seeking, for further education, or for the working life in Finland.
  • Finnish for working life: In our Finnish language groups you can improve your Finnish skills for your occupation or a field that interests you. We can also help you to practise Finnish at your workplace.
  • Guidance and counselling: Our career advisor can help you to plan for your future and to apply for jobs or study places. You can come to meet our advisor with your friend or family member, if you prefer so.

All our services are free of charge.

See also materials for job seekers with info and stories on working life and job seeking.


Information on Expertise Centre in Finnish: Maahanmuuttaneiden osaamiskeskuksen palvelut

Information on Expertise Centre in Russian: В Эксперт-центре для иммигрантов вы можете получить помощь в поиске работы, места для учебы, а также узнать, как открыть свою фирму. 

Courses and events partly or fully in English

We organize groups and events that offer skills and knowledge for working life and job searching in Finland.

Our courses and events take usually place at our office, Kilpisenkatu 1 D (40100 Jyväskylä). If the course/event is somewhere else, you'll see the address in the announcement.

Language in the groups/events

  • If the name is in Finnish below, the group/event will be in Finnish, but you can get some help in English.
  • If the name is in English, also the group/event will be in English,

See also

If you have questions about the language or anything else, please, ask the contact person of each course/event.

See further information via the link in the name of the course/event! If there is no link, further information will be available later.


  • 7. - 20.8. Application period to Career Club Jyväskylä.
  • Wed 10.8. Tietoa YKI-testistä -infopäivä. This info day on YKI-test (National Certificate on Language Proficiency) is in Finnish, but you can get some help in English.





Finnish language coaching

Kuvia ja sanoja, joilla harjoitellaan suomea. Image Riitta Saastamoinen


You can get support for practicing your working life Finnish skills in two ways: in field-specific groups or via individual language coaching.


Field-specific Finnish language groups

Finnish language skills are practiced for jobs in a specific field, like customer service or health care. These groups suit persons having an occupation or a job in the field or being interested in working at or studying that field.

These groups are in Finnish. In some of them you can get help in English, though you have to know some Finnish too.

If you are not sure about knowing enough Finnish to participate in these groups, please, contact Roosa phone/WhatsApp 050 591 2725.


Individual Finnish language coaching

If you have a job and need to improve your Finnish skills for your work, our Finnish language coaches can help. They can come to work with you at your workplace or meet you at our office.

In the individual coaching you can learn words and grammar that are important at your work. With the coach you can practice what you need the most: speaking, listening, writing, reading. The coach will also give you assignments to do on your own time.

The coach can talk with you in Finnish, English or Russian. You can get  4 - 16 hours of individual coaching.

More information from Roosa: phone/WhatsApp 050 591 2725 or e-mail roosa.berg[at]


Guidance and counselling

Fläppitaululla nuolia ja käsi joka osoittaa yhtä. Image Riitta Saastamoinen


We offer personal guidance both to unemployed jobseekers and stay-at-home parents. Our career advisors can help you in Finnish, English, Spanish or Russian, or in another language via an interpreter.

Our guidance is free of charge. You can come to meet our advisor with your friend or family member, if you like.


Personal guidance to unemployed jobseekers

Make an appointment to discuss personally with our advisor. With them, you can

  • identify your competence or find ways to develop your skills, e.g. via additional training
  • get advice for job search, your cv or job applications and interviews
  • receive information on being an entrepreneur and get help in clarifying your business idea.


Please, make an appointment by phone/WhatsApp to 040 537 6836 or contact one of our career advisors (phone, text message, WhatsApp, email). See the career advisors' contact information on this page. The info includes the languages in which each advisor can discuss with you. If necessary, you can ask to have an interpretor for you meeting with our advisor.


Career Start groups and guidance for stay-at-home parents

Are you at home with children and thinking about jobs or study places in the future? 

Come talk personally with us:

  • Let's explore your interests.
  • Get information about work and study opportunities.
  • Together we'll plan your career path.

Or join our Career Start group. Read about the groups from our blog.

You may bring your child both to the guidance and groups!

Ask more or make an appointment Mon - Fri 9 am - 3 pm: Sara tel./WhatsApp 050 550 4226 (also in Finnish or Spanish).


See also options for Finnish language courses in Jyväskylä or studying Finnish via InternetStudy Finnish

Materials for jobseekers


Read Expertise Centre's career advisors' three tips for job searching in Finland: How to search for work in Finland?


Working life in Finland

Guide to working in Finland (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland).

This guide explains what you need to know before coming to work in Finland. In addition to Finnish and English, it is available in 22 other languages.


The ABC guide to working in Finland (The Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions).

Infomation on the rules and responsibilities in Finnish working life as well as on job search. Besides English and Finnish, you can get info in 21 other languages. Tip: When you open the web page, you can change the language from the upper corner on right. Click the little arrow (v) below the word 'English'.


As a foreign employee in Finland (Occupational Safety and Health Administration in Finland)

This guide provides information on, for example, pay, working hours and holidays. In addition to English and Finnish, the guide is available in 14 other languages.


Working and living in Finland (TE services)

See 8 videos about Finnish culture and values, working life and how to land a job in Finland.


Success stories about working life

IT-expert Nidhi (Expertise Centre's client)

Address and opening times

Our address is Kilpisenkatu 1 D. It is in the center of Jyväskylä, close to the central bus stops. Please, see the Google map.

Please, make an appointment by phone/WhatsApp 040 537 6836 or contact our advisors

Sisäänkäynti Maahanmuuttaneiden osaamiskeskukseen, pitkät portaat ja ovi vasemmalla. Image Riitta Saastamoinen

Career advisors

You can call us, send an SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail!

Tirre Hentinen
tel. 050 576 4769
Finnish, English

Timo Kiiveri
tel. 050 366 2556

Svetlana Nyman
tel. 040 592 8163
Finnish, Russian, understands Ukrainian


Finnish language coach

Kuvassa Osaamiskeskuksen suomen kielen valmentaja Roosa. Image Riitta Saastamoinen

You can call, send an SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail!

Roosa Berg
tel. 050 591 2725
Finnish, English