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Two smiling persons looking at a computer screen.

Looking for a job is something you can practice and learn. Job search skills include a range of knowledge and skills. They are things you should know, understand or be able to do if you are looking for a job in Finland.
There are 6 areas of job search skills: 1) job search channels, 2) job search tools, 3) informaton about working life, 4) your skills, 5) language skills and 6) an active and positive attitude.

Below we explain what is involved in each of these areas. Click the + sign to see the text. Use the examples to test how well you know the job search issues.

  •  What do you know or can do already?
  •  What skills you don't need?
  •  What skills do you need to practise?

If some of your skills need training, come to the Expertise Centre to learn and practise those! See our activities: International Jyväskylä courses and events (Jyväskylä Events' Calendar web page).

Or, read our guide: Job searching in Finland: Tips and links for international job seekers (SWAY presentation)


Test your job search skills!