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The Integration Services helps immigrants in their adjustment to Finnish society and supports the preservation of their own cultural identity. It also seeks to promote the development of our society into a multi-cultural community accepting diversity.

If you have questions about your residence permit application, please contact The Finnish Immigration Service 0295 419 600(Maahanmuuttovirasto)

We serve

  • refugees and returnees living in Jyväskylä
  • guidance and advice for other immigrants
  • all those interested in foreign affairs
  • cooperation partners

Services provided by the Integration Services include

  • organization of refugee and returnee reception
  • guidance and advice for immigrants
  • social welfare work for immigrants
  • guidance for refugees in matters related to the reunification of families
  • education, consultation and information about alien affairs
  • cooperation with different agencies in organizing immigrant services

The Integration Services supplies social welfare work needed by refugees for a period of 3 years from immigration and for returnees the period is one year.

Our personnel instructs immigrants in various practical matters. In difficult family situations we support the family by methods of enhanced family work.