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In Finland local self-government is guaranteed by the constitution. The City Council is elected for four years in direct proportional elections by the residents of the city. The number of the councilors in the Jyväskylä City Council is 67 and they represent seven different parties.

The council is the highest authority and responsible for the most important decisions in the city such as the decision for the city budget. The Council also decides on the municipal income tax as well as the real estate tax rates. A foreign citizen has the right to vote or to be put up as a candidate for the local elections after 2 years of living in Finland.

Chair of the Jyväskylä City Council

Chairman of the Jyväskylä City Council Mr Jukka Hämäläinen, Social Democratic Party (SDP)
I Vice Chairman of the City Council Mr Toimi Kankaanniemi, The Finns Party (PS)
II Vice Chair of the City Council Ms Eila Tiainen, Left Alliance (VAS)
III Vice Chair of the City Council Ms Marika Visakorpi, Christian Democrats in Finland (KD)

E-mails of the councillors:

Composition of the City Council and number of representatives in each party 2021-2025, total of 67 members:

The Finnish Social Democratic Party (SDP) 13
National Coalition Party (KOK) 13
Green League (VIHR) 12
Centre Party of Finland (KESK) 9
The Finns Party (PS) 9
The Left Alliance (VAS)7
Christian Democrats in Finland (KD)4

Municipal Boards

Municipal boards are chosen by the city council among those persons in the municipality that are eligible. The municipal boards in the city of Jyväskylä take care of the tasks related to the following fields: education, culture and sports, youth, social and healthcare, construction and environment, city infrastructure, auditing, Central Finland emergency services, and municipal elections.

City Council meetings 

City Council meetings are held once a month on Mondays in Jyväskylä City Hall (Vapaudenkatu 32).

City Council meetings are public and are broadcasted on live and can be seen here (in Finnish).

Meetings in 2023

23.1.2023 meeting
6.2.2023 seminar
20.2.2023 meeting
6.3.2023 seminar 
20.3.2022 meeting
24.4.2023 meeting
8.5.2023 seminar
29.5.2023 meeting
12.6.2023 meeting

Jyväskylä City Council on Twitter: #jklvaltuusto

City Council Agendas and minutes (in Finnish)

More information on the Finnish local government from the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities.

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