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Nainen ja poika sataman liikuntapuistossa. Image Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen

In Jyväskylä the importance of sport is also reflected in the number of facilities on offer. The City of Jyväskylä maintains altogether 360 sports venues from multipurpose halls to nature trails.

Indoor facilities

Sports halls

The extensive Hippos Sports Park, situated right in the centre of the city, provides a venue for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor disciplines. Hippos Hall is the perfect facility for winter training in track and field, as well as racket and ball games. In Multipurpose Sports Hall numerous indoor sports from ball games to gymnastics and martial arts are practised. In addition to the main ice hockey stadium LähiTapiola Areena, the area features two practice rinks which are heavily used, particularly by junior ice hockey teams. At Hippos Sports Park the Finnish national game, Finnish baseball, is played in its own stadium equipped with an artificial all-weather surface.

The sports hall Graniitti in Kuokkala is somewhat exotic among sport facilities in Jyväskylä. It is built into a rock and, besides its use in sports, is an air-raid shelter. A multitude of indoor sports can be practised in Graniitti. There are halls for ball games, gymnastics and martial arts.

Vaajakoski Sports Hall is best suited for ball games. For example floorball games on international level can be played in the hall. In addition to the Lähitapiola Areena ice hockey stadium and the practice rinks at Hippos Sports Park, the city has one more ice hockey stadium in Tikkakoski which serves as a venue for ringette, for instance.

Besides the actual sport facilities, the physical activity premises in the city’s schools are under active use during evenings and weekends. Especially sport clubs use school gyms as they are often conveniently situated close to the young practitioners’ homes.

Swimming halls

AaltoAlvari Aquatic Centre and the swimming hall Wellamo are also among the most popular sports venues in the city. AaltoAlvari is originally designed by the famous architect Alvar Aalto. It is a great venue for competitive and recreational swimming and other water activities. In AaltoAlvari one can also enjoy the spa section and join the instructed fitness classes. A specialty in AaltoAlvari is the senior gym, a gym equipped especially for the elderly. Wellamo is an idyllic swimming hall in the Vaajakoski district, perfect for families with children.

Sports Services organizes swimming school for adults during the period from autumn to spring. There are basic-, follow-up- and technique swimming courses and short courses in backstroke, front crawl freestyle, and breaststroke are also available. It is possible to organize tailored swimming technique courses and private lessons for adults as well, according to demand.

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