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Harjun stadion. Image Merja Huovelin

There are approximately 200 sports clubs in Jyväskylä that offer around 70 different hobbies. Football, ice hockey, gymnastics and dance are among the most popular children’s and teenagers’ hobbies. In sports clubs, adults most often engage in aerobics and dance, golf and other ballgames, and hiking or skiing. Outside sports clubs, the adult population in Jyväskylä enjoys, especially, walking and its special form Nordic walking, running, cycling and swimming. Hole in the ice swimming, an exotic hobby that has recently experienced a boost in popularity, is possible in many places maintained by local clubs and organisations.

In addition to the City of Jyväskylä and the many local sports clubs, other communities as well as the innovative private wellness sector provide the city’s inhabitants and visitors with diverse opportunities for being physically active.


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