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Ihmisiä Lounaispuistossa seuraamassa esitystä. Image Jaakko Hänninen

Jyväskylä is a safe and a pleasant city to live in and to visit for everybody. Major accidents or other serious security threats are rare here as they are everywhere in Finland, one of the safest countries in the world. Public order, public security, and rescue services are guaranteed and maintained by Finnish national authorities. Help and support of good quality and of easy access are widely provided in case of different kinds of incidents.

Rescue services, rescue authorities, police:

The emergency number in Finland is 112 - The Emergency Response Centre Agency

Rescue services

Wellbeing services county of Central Finland

Central Finland Police Department is in charge of the general order and safety, crime prevention and investigation, and license services in the area of Central Finland.

Support in case of crisis:

The Crisis Center Mobile Jyväskylä is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Telephone: 014 – 266 7150, address: Asemakatu 2 (2. floor), 40100 Jyväskylä

Tukinainen, the Crisis Centre for Sexually Assaulted in Jyväskylä

Victim Support Finland

Finnish Online Family Shelter – Help in Family Abuse and Security in Intimate Relationships

National authorities:

The Finnish Defence Forces

Ministry of Defence

Finnish Immigration Service

The Finnish Border Guard

Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority Finland

Rescue Services in Finland

Emergency Response Centre Administration Finland

Law and justice

Authorities and information on a national level:

About law and legal protection in Finland

Legislative information database

Public order act

Judicial system in Finland

Ministry of Justice

The Office of the Chancellor of Justice

Centres for Economic Development, Transport, and the Environment

Regional State Administrative Agencies

Consumer agency

Parliamentary Ombudsman

The Ombudsman for Equality

The Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman

The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman

Rescue services

The Rescue Department of Central Finland provides rescue services in its area of operation.

Civil protection

The Rescue Department of Central Finland is in charge of civil protection. Should air-raid shelters be put to use there, the instructions and the order would be given by the Rescue Department of Central Finland (Keski-Suomen pelastuslaitos). The Rescue Department would also be in charge of evacuating those residents without an air-raid shelter of their own. 

If you worry about civil protection, it is useful to start in your own close surroundings in order to find out if the housing company has an air-raid shelter. These are found in connection with larger housing associations or workplaces and are in the use of the residents of or employees of these properties. There are air-raid shelter sites also adjacent to public spaces such as schools and daycare centres. 

Smaller housing companies or detached houses do not usually have one. There are no public air-raid shelters in Jyväskylä either. However, the population need not worry about this either because if it were necessary to seek shelter, the Rescue Department of Central Finland staff would take the steps needed to protect the population for example by moving (evacuating) residents to safe areas or by indicating a sheltered space nearby. 

Home emergency supply kits 

At home, one can prepare for various exceptional situations by maintaining a sufficient emergency supply kit. It provides safety in various situations of disorder such as water and power outages and sicknesses. It would be good to provide food and drink for three days as well as covered containers for water at home. Additionally, the necessary medication, cash, and other things needed in everyday life are worth keeping at home. 

Iodine tablets 

Iodine tablets are part of the recommended home emergency supply. You should never take an iodine tablet “just in case” as the protective effect of the tablet is reduced if the tablet is taken too early or too late. Should the need arise to take iodine tablets in Finland, the authorities would quickly give a separate order to take them. 

In Jyväskylä, there are iodine tablet stocks for residents and pupils in the living units of the social services and services for the elderly, at the city hospital wards, at schools, and at daycare centres. In case of a surprising situation, the city would see to it that those in the weakest position would be quickly given iodine tablets in accordance with orders.

Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)