Hippos2020: The Best in Nordic countries

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When completed, Hippos will become the most prominent Nordic center of exercise, sport, top-level sport, health promotion, well-being and events. Jyväskylä's Hippos2020 also combines sports research and technological product development into an internationally important assembly.

At the fastest rate, Hippos2020 can be completed by the year 2022. When completed, Hippos will be a central attraction for the Capital of Sport, Jyväskylä.

With the Hippos2020 project, the existing sports facilities in the area will double and the use of the facilities will be more efficient. There are more than 100 associations and Jyväskylä’s Sports Academy in the Hippos area. The estimated goal is to get 3-5 million visits per year in the area.

The Hippos area will feature a multi-purpose arena for sports and entertainment events, as well as a triple track training ice rink, an indoor fitness center for over 20 sport-genres, from martial arts to ball sports, a football stadium, a gymnasium, and an activating sports park for athletes of all ages and an outdoor court, which can be cooled and heated. In addition, research, accommodation, store and office facilities have been designed for the area.

In this sense, the Hippos2020 project is a unique combination of a public-private partnership. Store, restaurant and accommodation services will also be built in the Hippos area. In addition, the services of the Jyväskylä city center are within walking distance.

Jyväskylä's definite competitive advantage is also its knowledge capital, which includes the University of Jyväskylä and the Faculty of Sport Sciences, KIHU – Research Institute for Olympic Sports, LIKES - Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health, JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Master Olympic Training Center - i.e. International Top-Level Sport City Training Center.