Working in Jyväskylä

Are you relocating in Central Finland, but do not have a job, yet?

The Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) provides information on available jobs and support you in job seeking. The TE office also organizes integration study programs, vocational training, job seeking, career and emplpyment coaching, professional and career orientation, work and training experiments and pay subsidy.

  • You will become a client by registration on the TE Office website
  • From TE Office’s Job to Job Service gives tips for job seeking and provides contacts with employers in Central Finland

City of Jyväskylä Recruiting Services have information about available job opportunities.

The City of Jyväskylä Employment Service will help you in job seeking.

Moving to and living in Finland

Registration of a foreigner

If you are a foreign citizen and move to Finland on a permanent basis, you will be registered in the Finnish Population Information System at the Local Register Office.