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Kuntoutujan kädet osastofysioterapiassa. Image Olli-Pekka Latvala

A service voucher is one way of organizing the municipality's statutory social and health care services. Getting a service voucher requires an assessment of the need for care or services, as well as a service decision or referral. After receiving the service voucher decision, the customer selects the service provider, and agrees to purchase the service with a service producer of their choice approved by the city. The use of service vouchers is regulated by the Act on Social and Health Care Service Vouchers (569/2009).

A client can get a service voucher based on the service needs assessment and award criteria. A decision by an officeholder or a referral will always be made on service vouchers.

Service vouchers can be obtained, for example, for service housing for persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities, home help services for families with children,  family caregiving, oral health care, physiotherapy, or occupational therapy.

service voucher