Haastattelussa Sixx:A.M. kitaristi Dj Ashba (2016)

Everything in Sixx:A.M. has built organically and it’s something that we’ve ever planned.

Mötley Cruen basisti Nikki Sixxin, James Machelsin sekä Dj Ashban muodostama Sixx: A.M. on julkaisemassa uuden albumin nimeltä Prayers For The Damnded (29.4) ja jatkoa tälle saadaan jo tänä syksynä. Kuitenkin ennen ensimmäisen osan julkasemista sain mahdollisuuden päästä haastattelemaan yhtyeen kitaristia Ashbaa ja kysellä hänen tunnelmiaan ennen albumin julkaisua.

Haastattelun jälkeen oheessa löytyy myös bändin kaksi uutta singleä, joten käy kuuntelemassa julkaisut tulevalta Prayers For The Damnded -levyltä.

You have a new album coming out soon. How do you feel about it?

-” We all three are so excited about it. We feel it’s by far best work today. We are very, very proud, we cannot wait for the fans to hear it.”

Have you tried something new on this album?

-” Well, we did, we tried couple different things. Number one, we brought our live band in. For the first time because it was magic that we felt on stage. So what you hear is what you get. And that’s what so special about these two records. What’s cool about it is that they’re much heavier sounding. And the other thing we did was we did a double album, but we didn’t want to do just a typical double album. You know, people put out a double record, they have couple leftover songs and lets do double album blah blah blah.. We didn’t wanna do that. We wanted to put out two separated albums that complement each other, you know, a volume 1 and volume 2. The picture of the volume 1 tells a complete story same with the music. It’s like a good movie it has a great beginning, middle and ending. But if you put volume 2 next to volume 1, it creates even bigger picture and tells a better story.”

When the second volume 2 is coming out?

-” We’re going to put it out probably somewhere between september and october. But it will definitely come out this year.”

Who writes the songs in your band?

-”  We have always written the songs together. James, Nikki and myself we have sat in a same room, we’ve always just sat together and write each of these songs. And that’s what makes Sixx:A.M. so special. We’ve never changed that formula. We have a formula that works and we have a some sort of magic when we all three get in to the room to make songs. It’s something we can’t really explain but it’s a definitely the magic that happens. We couldn’t be more happier with the outcome for these two albums coming out.

Now that Mötley Crue has retired and you’re not in Guns ’N Roses anymore, so has it affected on your moral of doing new stuff, I guess now every one in Sixx:A.M. are pretty serious about doing new things for the band?

-” I think there’s couple different things. I think there’s time. You know, lets be honest, Sixx:A.M. is no longer a side project. This has taken a life of its own. Everything in Sixx:A.M. has built organically and it’s something that we’ve ever planned. I think that’s what makes it so special and we all felt in our hearts that it’s time to dedicate ourselves 100% to Sixx:A.M. and give the fans what they have been waiting for.” 

What are your future plannings?

-”The future plans are obviously to tour a lot. We really want to get out there finally for the fans. They’ve been incredibly patience and, you know, it’s not like we didn’t want to tour. We really are incredibly passionate about Sixx:A.M. and the music that we write. Unfortunately we had other things that we were obligated to, but now that we’re committed to Sixx:A.M. full-time  we are so excited, and I cannot tell you how excited personally I am to get out there with my new signature guitar. It just feels like a brand new beginning for everything.”

Is there any chance you might come to play in Finland?

-” We’re not only going to come to Finland, we are going to keep coming back to Finland! I mean our goal is to finally be able to tour everywhere that we’ve wanted to. So our plan is to play for everyone and we are really looking forward into it.”

For the last, is there anything you want to say to our readers?

-” thank you so much for the many, many years of love and support. I’ve always said that fans are the most addictive drug I’ve pleasure to been addicted to, and our fans are just awesome. Without them we wouldn’t be what we are.”