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City of Jyväskylä Award for Excellent International Activity 2013

kuva Ritva AnttonenWith Award for Excellent International Activity City of Jyväskylä recognizes annually its either employee, working group or for instance group of pupils, for internationalization, networking, mobility and international visibility.

Ritva Anttonen, Service unit director, adult social work and social security

The City of Jyväskylä is delighted to announce that it awards Ritva Anttonen, service unit director, adult social work and social security. Ritva Anttonen has worked in a distinguished way for the benefit of the Roma people, locally, nationally and internationally.

Ritva Anttonen headed the "Romanit työelämään" (Promotion of jobs for Roma people) project managed by the City of Jyväskylä in 2004–2007. The goal of the project was to improve the Roma people's education and job opportunities, and to increase their preconditions for entrepreneurship.

The project also included international activities with partners from Sweden, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Scotland.

The project won first prize in the European Council's Dosta!-Congress Prize in Strasbourg in October 2011.

Ritva Anttonen
- Chairwoman of the Jyväskylä Roma people committee since 2004
- Anttonen was the director of Jyväskylä City's Roma people services in 2009–2010
- Member of the regional Roma people advisory board for south-west Finland since 2007
- Anttonen's dissertation on Roma people entrepreneurship was accepted by the Jyväskylä University in 2009
- Anttonen participated in the Transcarpathian Roma people village development scheme in Uzhgorod in 2010
- Has been invited to provide Roma people expertise at a seminar in Belgium, for example

In Jyväskylä, 30 April, 2013

Markku Andersson

Marketta Mäkinen
Director of International Relations

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