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New ideas and innovations in housing

The City of Jyväskylä and the Housing Fair Finland Coop will organise a housing fair at Äijälänranta in Jyväskylä. The Housing Fair in Jyväskylä is open daily between 11th July and 10th August 2014 from 10 to 18

Located some 5 km from the centre of Jyväskylä, the Äijälänranta fair area has 37 lowrise houses, a kindergarten and one 13-storey tower block on the shore of Lake Jyväsjärvi. Ultimately, the area will have 800 to 1,000 residents.

Ticket sale will close one hour before the fair gate closing time. Tickets can be bought online before the event.

Adults: €21
Children (7-15 yrs) €10
Children 0-6 yrs free with parents
Students, pensioners, disabled, and conscripts €15
Family ticket (two adults and children 7-15 yrs) €42
Group ticket €16/person
The minimum size of the group is 15 persons. Group reservations must be made in advance, and all members of the group must visit the Housing Fair at the same time.

You can reach the area by bike, on foot, by car or by boat. Note that the parking area for the Housing Fair visitors is located in Seppälä area (Vasarakatu 8-10) some 5km from the Housing Fair area. Parking costs €8/car and can be purchased at the ticket booth and €10/car purchased at the parking area. Parking includes bus transportation to the fair area. You can reach the Housing Fair area from Jyväskylä harbour every day by boat.

What is the Housing Fair about

The purpose of the annual Housing Fair event is to highlight new ideas and innovations in residential construction. In the Housing Fair area, the audience can familiarise themselves with the houses and gardens on the site and obtain information about housing, construction, gardens, energy matters and interior decoration.

The Housing Fair takes place every summer in a Finnish city. The Housing Fair usually attracts 150,000–200,000 visitors. Typically, the Housing Fair includes fully-equipped houses with decorated interiors, mainly built by families for themselves, as well as show homes from construction companies and apartment buildings.

In Finland, the Housing Fair appeals to people who are planning to build a house or are interested in the latest energy solutions in home construction. Paying the admission fee allows visitors to visit the ready to move homes to see the facility solutions, lights, interior decoration, sauna and kitchen.

The Housing Fair area has been designed as a consistent unit with municipal engineering, green areas and lights. After the Housing Fair, the owners – ordinary families – will move into their houses. The Housing Fair is also an excellent opportunity for construction companies and interior decoration professionals to highlight their skill and their work.

The Housing Fair is where service providers and consumers meet. The Housing Fair introduces functional, sustainable solutions as well as examples of how the latest research in construction and housing can be applied in practice. The Housing Fair is not only a zeitgeist of contemporary Finnish housing design and construction, but also an innovator and trend-setter.

The mission of the Housing Fair Finland Co-operative Society, which was established in 1966, is to increase the public's awareness of housing and to improve the quality of housing design and construction. For this purpose, the Housing Fair has taken place almost every year since 1970 at different locations around Finland.

Housing Fair 2014 in Jyväskylä - an area of sustainable development near the city centre

Located some 5 km from the centre of Jyväskylä, Äijälänranta is currently a green site with woods and fields. Ultimately, the area will have 800 to 1,000 residents. Once completed, Äijälänranta will constitute a compact and diversified residential environment where the human scale of family life is combined with innovative building design and a green way of thinking with the opportunities offered by an urban lifestyle. Rantaraitti, Lake Jyväsjärvi shore route, bisects the entire area giving easy access to outdoor exercise and recreation sites. A nature reserve with a rich birdlife is also found in the immediate vicinity.

The fair area will have 37 lowrise houses, a kindergarten and one 13-storey tower block on the shore of Lake Jyväsjärvi. The area will also have a playground and green public spaces. The implementation of Äijälänranta's green spaces and plot areas is guided by a separate neighbourhood environment plan. Future users of the area, i.e. children from the nearby Väinölä kindergarten, were also invited to contribute to the design of the playground.

"Garden and Wood" and "Innovative Architecture" the themes of the Jyväskylä housing fair

Planning and implementation of the Housing Fair 2014 Jyväskylä project is guided by the main themes called Garden and Wood (Puu-Tarha) and Innovative Architecture.

Äijälänranta has been inhabited and cultivated for almost five hundred years, and now its rich history of agri-culture and gardening will be given a new lease of life. As a result of the fair project, a modern residential area will be created in the vicinity of the city centre enabling the residents to enjoy the best parts of compact urban housing while living close to nature. Special attention in construction will be paid to the use of timber materials, the introduction of the green efficiency concept to Finland, lighting and ecology.

Architect Alvar Aalto was masterful in his ability to combine classical themes with modern construction. Aalto’s spirit is carried on by Äijälänranta where diversified present-day housing is united with bold, innovative architecture.

Web pages of the Housing Fair in Jyväskylä: (in Finnish)

Housing Fair Finland Co-op: (in English)

More information

Ms Anu Hakala
Project Manager, Housing Fair 2014 Jyväskylä
phone +358 14 266 8235
email anu.hakala[@]

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