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New curriculum changes learning practices and environments at schools

During the new school year, activities at schools will be guided by the new curriculum revised on 1 August 2016. The new curriculum brings about new learning practices and diverse learning environments, and it changes how schoolchildren are evaluated.

In the first phase, subject-specific changes will cover 1st–6th grades. Subject-specific changes covering 7th–9th grades will be adopted in stages over the next three years.

For example, the first foreign language (A1) will be started on the second grade and the second foreign language (B1) on the sixth grade. Fourth graders will begin social studies, while guidance counselling will be started on the sixth grade. Children will be evaluated using subject-specific descriptions of their skills. On grades 1–6, evaluations will be verbal, whereas on grades 7–9 they will be both numerical and verbal.

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Service Director Tuija Rasinen, City of Jyväskylä, Basic education, phone +358 14 266 4984

11.8.2016Satu Heikkinen

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