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Bold Jyväskylä is 2016 biking city of the year in Finland

The cooperation committee of Suomi Pyörailee (a project to encourage cycling in Finland) has selected Jyväskylä as the cycling city of the year because of Jyväskylä's large-scale and productive work to promote cycling, successful and bold new projects to develop conditions for cycling, and ambitious plans for the near future.

The city's cooperation with the cycling association JYPS has formed a significant part of this process. With 1,000 members, JYPS is the organiser of Finland's largest “Cycling Week” and a number of other inspirational cycling campaigns, and has shown initiative in questions related to the development of cycling.

Finland's best bikeway under construction

The first section of the Kangas bikeway in Jyväskylä was completed last year, and the entire bikeway will be opened for cyclists in summer 2016. After its completion, the 7.7 km Kangas bikeway will be number one among Finnish bikeways. Jyväskylä is planning a total of 54 km of bikeways in its master plan, comprising approximately 15 per cent of the total length of the bicycle route system.

Cycling accounts for 13 per cent of all modes of transport in Jyväskylä, clearly exceeding the national average (8 per cent). The objective is to increase the share of cycling to 25 per cent by 2025 with the cycling development programme completed last year.

More information

Matti Hirvonen, Executive Director, Pyöräilykuntien verkosto ry, mobile +358 40 419 4555, matti.hirvonen (at)
Kari Ström, Service Manager, City of Jyvsäkylä, mobile +358 50 60 943, kari.strom (at)
Teemu Tenhunen, Chair of the cycling association JYPS, mobile +358 41 544 2195, pj (at)

21.3.2016Satu Heikkinen

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