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Apple tasting and a treat for the eyes in Survo apple orchard

Located close to the promenade, the Survo apple orchard was established in 2002 (see the location on the map) This two-hectare orchard has a total of 564 apple trees. The Survo apple orchard offers a treat for the eyes, recreation and autumnal apple tasting to local residents. Some 362 of the orchard’s trees are useful trees, while the rest are ornamental.

You can visit the orchard to taste the apples or pick a few apples and take them home with you. Summer varieties are edible for one to two weeks after picking, autumn varieties are still good to eat for one to two months afterwards, and winter apples remain edible for several months when stored in a refrigerator’s vegetable compartment, for example.

The Survo apple orchard offers apples suitable for the Jyväskylä climate. The labels on the tree indicate not only the name of the variety, but also its ripening period. Summer apples have red labels, autumn apples have yellow ones, and blue labels identify winter apples. Some trees do not have any labels, either because they had no apples at the time of the inventory, or because they are ornamental or wild trees that produce apples that do not taste as delicious. You can view all the varieties planted in the area in the accompanying table (PDF).

2.11.2015Satu Heikkinen

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