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Cooperation in environment and education with Kunming, China

On 29–30 September, mayor Li Wenrong led a group of representatives and entrepreneurs visiting Jyväskylä from Kunming. During the visit, the group met representatives of the city and people from the fields of the environment and education.

Kunming, a city of seven million inhabitants located in Yunnan province in China, is called the “City of Eternal Spring.” Representatives of Yunnan province also visited Jyväskylä earlier in September.

Jyväskylä and Kunming signed a five-year partnership agreement in 2008, and its extension was discussed during the Jyväskylä visit. The twin town relationship has made environmental and educational negotiations with Kunming easier.
For example, the technology and equipment delivery project for a biogas plant intended for the treatment of wastewater sludge carried out by Envor Protech Oy in 2005–2012 has been completed, and the plant acts as an example and stepping stone for the company's environmental technology exports projects towards larger markets in China.

In spring 2015, the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences signed a partnership agreement with Kunming University on cooperation in the fields of gerontological nursing education and eldercare services in the first phase.
In addition, EduCluster Finland Oy has talked about cooperation in basic and vocational education with Kunming.

2.11.2015Satu Heikkinen

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