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Final event of Light in the City project led by City of Jyväskylä gathered more than 150 participants from across Europe in Eskilstuna

The City of Eskilstuna (Sweden) was the venue for the final international lighting branch conference “Light in the City” from 23.-25.10.2014. More than 150 participants from 10 different countries attended the event organized in Eskilstuna, a twin city of Jyväskylä.

The event was the third and last in a series, and forms a part of the Light in the City project, funded by the European Union's Europe for Citizens Programme. Those present included city officials, municipal engineers, lighting designers, architects, politicians, lighting artists and ordinary citizens from European cities.

The event was organized by the City of Eskilstuna in collaboration with the City of Jyväskylä and a number of partners, including Eurotowns network, LUCI Association, Nordic Culture Fund and the Swedish Public Employment Service, Culture and Media, explains Mathias Thuen, the person in charge of the event in Eskilstuna.

The aim: lighting in accordance with sustainable development

The conference featured a keynote line up with cutting edge speakers covering the spectra with important questions in the lighting field today. The theme for the conference was, as well as for Eskilstuna’s ongoing work, an industrial city in transformation with strong focus on the future, says Karin Ermegård who played a major role in organizing the event.

The event included conferences on urban lighting featuring speakers such as Kai Piippo and Tapio Rosenius, among others, as well as practice-oriented workshops, site visits, and a Guerrilla Lighting event. The topics on display included urban lighting in Eskilstuna as well as Jyväskylä’s environmentally friendly outdoor lighting projects.

The unifying goal of these activities was to promote the principles of sustainable development in the way outdoor lighting is organised and to create opportunities for participants to become networked, tells Elli Räsänen, Coordinator of Jyväskylä’s City of Light project which leads the Light in the City project.

Guerrilla Lighting event on Friday 24th October

Organized as part of the Light in the City event, the phenomenon known as “Guerrilla Lighting” transformed the streets of Torshälla (Eskilstuna, Sweden) for a fleeting moment. The event showed familiar city locations in a new light. Lighting designer Annukka Larsen from City of Jyväskylä had selected four targets for illumination. In each case, a horn was sounded and the site briefly illuminated with the help of 50 volunteers.

The volunteers were members of the Finnish Association in Torshälla, says Anna Geschwindt Eriksson, the person in charge of the event in Torshälla. We are very excited to be part of the Light in the City project; the Guerrilla Lighting event was a brilliant way to enjoy the light and raise discussion on urban lighting and its significance, she continues.

Networking event aimed at lighting artists on Saturday the 25th October

On Saturday, October 25th, lighting artists involved in the Nordic Light networking project gathered in Eskilstuna. The event attracted applications from 42 lighting artists by close of call. On the basis of the applications the expert jury decided to choose 8 artists, who enjoyed an opportunity to exhibit their works at the event.

– The participants were Andreas Brännlund (Sweden), Arto Heiskanen (Finland), Cecilia Ömalm (Sweden), Joonas Saaranen (Finland), Kari Alonen (Finland), Milo Laven (Sweden), Ulla Ridderberg (Sweden) and Åsa Lipka Falck (Sweden) explains Wanna Spiridonidou, Eures Adviser at the Swedish Public Employment Service, Culture & Media which was one of the main organizers of the event.

The 8 deserving artists selected for the event each showed their own portfolio in Eskilstuna on October 25th. The session concluded with a panel discussion, titled Nordic light art in an international context. The panelists were: Johanna-Mai Vihalem, Lighting artist from Estonia, Lena Siewert, Coordinator at City of Gothenburg and a representative of LUCI Light & Art Commission, Viel Bjerkeset Andersen, Lighting artist from Norway and William Dennisuk Lighting artist from Finland.

Light in the City project

The Light in the City is a two-year project under the Europe for Citizens programme aid scheme involving four European cities: Jyväskylä (Finland), Hasselt (Belgium), Tartu (Estonia) and Eskilstuna (Sweden). The LUCI Association is involved in the project as a communication associate. The project is led by the City of Jyväskylä, Finland.

During years 2012-2014, the project has brought together approximately 500 people from across Europe with the aim of promoting the development of high-quality urban lighting. The Light in the City event in Eskilstuna is the final event in the Light in the City project.

Light festival Nattljus

The Light in the City seminar weekend in Eskilstuna coincided with the staging of the city’s light festival “Nattljus”. Openings and presentation of new permanent lighting projects are the foundation of Nattljus, which lights up Eskilstuna until November 2nd. The event featured opening ceremonies for several major lighting projects in Eskilstuna.

Materials from the seminar

Seminar presentations.

Photos from the Light in the City seminar.

Photos from the Guerrilla Lighting event.

Photos are to be used in conjunction with editorial content directly related to the Light in the City project. When using these photos, please credit the photographers / © City of Light Jyväskylä. Should you publish a photo, please send us a copy of the publication.

More information

Mathias Thuen, Head of Parks, Eskilstuna Municipality mathias.thuen[at], +46 73 950 10 50

Karin Ermegård, Landscape Architect, Eskilstuna Municipality, karin.ermegard[at], +46 70-167 22 77

Elli Räsänen, City of Light Coordinator, City of Jyväskylä, elli.rasanen[at], +358 50 570 8941

Annukka Larsen, City of Light Coordinator, City of Jyväskylä, annukka.larsen[at], +358 40 740 4717

Anna Geschwindt Eriksson, Communications Strategist, Torshälla locality, anna.hartwig[at], +46 73-950 60 93,

Wanna Spiridonidou, Eures Adviser, Swedish Public Employment Service, Culture & Media wanna.spiridonidou[at], +46 104869738

28.10.2014Satu Heikkinen

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