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Take a virtual tour on architect Alvar Aalto’s buildings and interior spaces

Web search engine Google’s Street View takes users on a virtual journey into the interiors of Aalto’s buildings. Nine Aalto-designed sites have been selected. A websurfer can visit for instance Finlandia Hall and Studio Aalto, Säynätsalo Town Hall, and the Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyväskylä along with some that are less well-known to the public, such as Tehtaanmäki Primary School.

Find the virtual tour here Alvar Aalto’s Architecture, collection of imagery

Alvar Aalto Foundation Launches Collaboration with Google

The Alvar Aalto Foundation is embarking on a collaboration with the search-engine company Google. Now, the public can not only visit the Museum, but also discover more about Alvar Aalto and various Aalto-designed buildings virtually via Google’s Cultural Institute and Street View. The goal is to make Aalto’s architecture and design accessible to people all over the world.

Read more about the Alvar Aalto Foundation and Google collaboration

Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä – The City of architect Alvar Aalto

Jyväskylä is the city of the world famous architect Alvar Aalto. The city has some thirty buildings designed by him, more than any other city in the world. Jyväskylä has a strong architectural profile and the modern cityscape is further strengthened through national and international architecture competitions.

Several architectural seminars and conferences are organized in Jyväskylä, like Alvar Aalto Symposium, Alvar Aalto Seminar and Alvar Aalto Research Conference.

26.8.2014Satu Heikkinen

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