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The International Alvar Aalto Café 30-31 August 2014 in Jyväskylä

The International Alvar Aalto Café is taking part in the conversation about the expectations of humane architecture. Architects and designers from all over the world will gather to discuss the multiple ways in which humanism is taking over architecture and bringing it closer to the individual by responding to the needs of different communities.

The Alvar Aalto Café focuses on exploring the ways in which humane architecture can bring people together and reflect the change in the social environment. The question is no longer “how to design a good product”. The question is “how to design a good future”.

Programme and registration

Date: 30-31 August 2014

Programme, speakers and registration

Venue: Jyväskylä Workers´ club (designed by Alvar Aalto 1925) Väinönkatu 7, Jyväskylä

12.8.2014Satu Heikkinen

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