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Northern Gardens and City Lights – Housing Fair in Jyväskylä 11 July - 10 August 2014

Alvar Aalto’s architectural idiom, experimental initiatives in energy technology and landscaping efficiency, new ideas for housing and living will be the core of Jyväskylä’s Housing Fair at Äijälänranta. The event is expected to attract around 150,000 visitors next summer.

Main themes of the Fair

The central themes of the Fair, ‘Innovative Architecture’ and ‘Garden and Wood’, are reflected in the buildings and the public art at the fair site.

‘Innovative Architecture’ alludes to the world-renowned Alvar Aalto and his life work. Func-tionalist influences, internal finishing materials and detailed design, characteristic of Aalto’s architecture, will occupy a prominent place in many buildings at the fair site.

‘Garden and Wood’ refers to the history of the area and the nature of the homes. Earlier the Fair site had been used for agriculture and nursery gardens. This can be seen not only in ‘Gardener’s Heaven’ artwork designed by sculptor Pekka Jylhä but also in the design of the park benches and lighting bollards and the graphic art designed by graphic artists Tuomas Hallivuo and Jyrki Markkanen and designer Jonas Hakaniemi.

One of the tower blocks at the Fair site will feature Finland’s first pilot implementation of the Green Factor scoring tool for landscapes. The objective of the Green Factor concept is to ensure more vegetation on plots improving the diversity of the urban environment, filtering out airborne pollution and the quality of runoff water.

The diversity of the Fair offers housing for different stages of people’s lives. The homes range in size from 76 to more than 300 square metres as well as in types from tower block apartments to single- family houses.

Current news

Winter with little snow has helped the builders at the Housing Fair site

The mild winter with little snow has nearly been like winning the lottery for the builders at the Housing Fair Site.

“The majority of the building projects will be nearly finished round the first of May” says area manager Reijo Blomster pleased. The short and warm winter has made it possible to start finishing the exterior works unusually early. The builders have been able to save money because of the scarce challenges due to the exceptional winter. It has also been easy to protect the building materials and there has been no need to shovel snow, which often is a duty of the family building the house.

Garden Fair will be a drawing card at the Housing Fair in Jyväskylä

A Garden Fair will be organized for the first time at a housing fair next summer. It is to respond to the consumers and operators’ growing demand by bringing a breath of Central European garden fair culture to Finland.

The Garden Fair consists of model gardens located in the middle of the Fair Site. Each model garden is planned and carried out according to an individual theme, which determines the materials, vegetation and colours. The latest trends, ideas and tips of horticulture can be found in the various model gardens.

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